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3 Things To Check Before Launching AR Filter For Baby Product Brands

One of the most popular Marketing Solutions for baby's products brand is AR Filter (AR Face Tracking).

Running a business in a highly competitive market like Baby Care market, the companies with products specializing for Baby always try to make them outstanding, aiming to make it unforgettable for customers, with many fascinating marketing methods. One of the most popular Marketing Solutions is AR Filter (AR Face Tracking)


When it comes to the industries that are hot in the market all the time, we cannot forget Baby Product. The global market of Baby Products is divided into 3 main segments: Baby Cosmetic and Toiletries, Baby Food, Baby Safety & Convenience. In each segment, businesses and brands also are divided into smaller groups. With a diversity in organizations, sizes, as well as the industries and products, The Baby product market is always bustle and competitive. With the emergence of AR Filter, many Brands have applied it to deploy attractive marketing campaigns, and succeeded to increase Brand Awareness to the company.

Types of AR filters that are popular to Baby Product brands



AR Filter is divided into two main types: AR Interactive Filter and AR Game Filter. Detaily, they are divided into more categories (by types of tracker, by implementation directions, etc.). In Viet Nam, AR Filters are frequently deployed in a digital marketing campaigns on two major platforms - Facebook and Instagram, which are developed with Spark AR Studio. Moreover, Interactive Filter is one of the most popular Filters favoured by may Baby Product Brands in Vietnam. 


Interactive Filter is simple and understandable


The first reason is that Interactive Filter is a simple Filter type, which provides a simple use. With this type of Filter, all special effects can be triggered by actions such as blinking, pouting lips, nodding, etc. Sometimes, Filter is programmed automatically when users tap the record button. 

This is extremely important when implementing AR Filter for the baby product brand because most of their customers of are the families with babies, nursing mothers , and the main consumers are toddlers and children. These target audiences do not have time to get used to or learn how to use. So, they need filters that are highly entertaining but simple and understandable.  


Capture every moments of the cutie pie


Different from other industries, brands always take the form of voucher, coupon, or discount when implementing marketing campaigns. With target audiences are nursing mothers, they always want to capture the lovely images and moments of their babies. With parents, nothing can buy happiness when they see the moments their babies laugh, cry, know how to flip, or say the first word in life. That's the reason why Interactive Filter is the first choice when deploying a campaign. Users just turn on the Camera and press record button, then the picture of the child will be saved with the cute and lovely elements animated with extremely sparkling and delicate animation. 


3 things need to check before implementing AR Filter for Baby Product brands

First of all, brands need to keep in mind that ensuring brand awareness. When applying AR filter for marketing campaigns, the first thing that we need to remember is ensuring Brand Awareness. It is not strict like designing banners, logos, posters must ensure the brand identity, when deploying UI For AR Filter, we need to pay attention to include the distinctive features of the brand to integrate into the Filter in a dedicated way such as mascots, signature images, etc.


Find out 3 things to check when implementing AR Filter for Baby Product brands. 


Script / Animation


The first thing is creating  easy–to-understand script and simple animation. As aforementioned, we must consider the appropriate implementation methods for the brand's targeted customers. And the script needs to be easy to understand, animation is simple to help nursing mothers can use it immediately after open the Filter. 


Layout design 


Layout and interface are the second thing we need to check when implementing AR Filter. The layout should be clear and reasonable because it can make users confused if it’s too complicated. It is necessary to arrange the elements so that the animation can take make a smooth performance, and users can understand the meaning of the Filter and the message from the brand


 Color and Music


Besides prioritizing using colors from the brand identity, we can use the colors according to the campaign’s topic. Moreover, we can use eye-catching, gentle, suitable colors for children - the target audience of the brand’s products. The common colors used in marketing campaigns for Baby Product Brands are pastel colors, which is suitable for the innocent personality of children. 

About the music, we should use music that favors cheerful melodies and avoids sad tones. The music we u88se for the Filter is also one of the factors that determine the success of an AR Filter. Songs composed according to the campaign theme is the first choice when implementing AR Filter for marketing. 




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