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Dorco: Phut “Ngao” Tao Nen Toi - Unique Online Exhibition For Gen Z

Dorco has launched Phut “Ngao” Tao Nen Toi, an online exhibition that applied advanced XR tech, and it quickly became a hot trend for Gen Z’ers.

Social distancing can limit many activities but our creativity. In that hard time, DORCO has found the light by launching the online exhibition Phut “Ngao” Tao Nen Toi, which became the new step to break the line between reality and virtual world.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - Game Development
  • - Backend Development

Types of AR used

game photo


 Type of Work

XR Virtual Event & 3D Exhibition


Idea & Concept

Exhibition “Phut Ngao Tao Nen Toi” was initially an open event launched by DORCO that’d display 50 interesting stories of the boys on the path of self-improvement. Additionally, this exhibition brings a lot of activities in order to increase the interactivity between the brand and the guests. Unfortunately, due to the continuous spreading of the pandemic and the prolonged distance, all events were forced to postpone.

However, DORCO and Marvy still had an awesome backup plan and made it even more fascinating. With XR tech (Extended Reality Technology), DORCO and Mary created a virtual event that can bring a real-life experience up to 90%. Therefore, people can join and enjoy the exhibition with attractive fighting games but in a whole new format. 


3D Modeling & Recreating the Exhibition’s Space

Based on the provided blueprint, Marvy team used 3D rendering to reproduce the exhibition’s space on the Web Platform in 3D format. The sightseeing areas are subdivided and the interior installation is almost similar to reality. 




In addition, the Marvy team also designed the characters based on the Animal Crossing concept with 2 genders Male - Female with different hairstyles and clothing sets in the direction of Unisex. Thereby, users can freely choose to create their favorite character.


Landing Page Programming

In order to kick off a grandiose event in 2021, Marvy Team has programmed a landing page to introduce the exhibition to DORCO’s users. In addition to the basic features such as summarizing the event's information, Marvy integrates a few more outstanding features to make the Landing Page more eye-catching and useful.

  • Countdown timer:The Countdown Feature is programmed in the respective order of days - hours - minutes - seconds to count down to the opening day of the event.
  • Coloring activity: Integrating the painting "Chu Moi" with features such as color selection, erasing, zooming in and out so that users can freely choose the color they like and color the picture.
  • Send works and receive gifts:Create a personal information board with fields of information such as name, email, and address so that BTC can collect information and give prizes to guests easily.

WebXR  Programming

Intending to bring an amazing online exhibition that can make a real-life experience, Marvy Team has recreated a virtual event that can bring a true feeling up to 90%. Therefore, people can join and enjoy the exhibition with attractive fighting games but in a whole new format. 



Thanks to XR - Extended Reality technology, users only need to access the Website and interact without using specialized devices or installing supporting applications. Various features and built-in games are integrated to enhance the user experience.


Features and Implementations 

  • Highlight: Can host 2000 users at the same time
  • Lounge Programming: To ensure stability for a large number of attendees at the same time and without affecting the experience, the Lounge Feature was developed as a stopover before the start of the exhibition tour. Thereby, users are divided into small servers and experience the same event without worrying about system crashes.
  • Character Creation Feature We made the Character Creation Feature based on the available designs so that the attendees can freely choose. Each character will be able to change gender, hairstyle, skin color, and one of 4 sets of personal clothes.
  • Voice Selection Feature - Partner: Create a unique user experience and guide them through the entire exhibition. The Voice Selection Feature was proposed and developed by the Marvy team with three different voices including Dich Lep, Win D, and Lan Jee. The audio is recorded and placed at specific positions in the event space. So when the user moves to any area, there will be a voice to guide.



  • Theme Song and Autoplay Screen: We use the music video CHOICHOICHOI and separate the beat to create a piece of vibrant background music that runs throughout the entirety of the event, the video is programmed to automatically loop over and over on 2 screens in the event space.



  • How to move: At this exhibition, Marvy’s programmers have developed a free movement feature so that users can explore every corner.
    • On PC: WASD keystrokes are tools for movement. Arrow keys or using the mouse are tools to change the character's perspective.
    • On Smartphones: Users use the Joystick in the corner of the screen to move, and drag and drop on the screen to change the viewing angle.
  • Expressions: Marvy has programmed 2 interactive buttons with "Hello" and "Smile" expressions corresponding to the character's animation so that users can interact with the others. 
  • Backdrop: Marvy Team has developed the Taking Photos feature with the event’s Backdrop exactly similar to the offline event. With two basic poses, users can choose a pose for the character to animate and take pictures. In addition, users can also link to their Facebook accounts to share photos. Besides the photography area, there is also an AR Filter counter with 3 "Thach Thi Toi" filters for users to interact.



  • Exhibition Area: Integrating 50 stories and 50 images into the event space. Each photo is clickable that displays a corresponding story feed. It is similar to 4 pictures of Chu Moi.



  • Game Zone: In addition to the activities of watching pictures, the game area has developed with a variety of different types of games:


    • Lucky Wheel: Programmed to allow players to click on the wheel and randomly display a winning or not winning message. In particular, the number of spins will be returned to the same after 24 hours for players to continue participating.
    • Decode The Teencode: Programmed to randomly match 2 users into a round. At the same time, from the pre-programmed questionnaire, 5 trending sentences in the form of teen code will be displayed on the screen. And each question will have three answers attached, the one who chooses the most correct and fastest will win. In addition, the game is not looped after each round.
    • Don’t Follow The Rule: Similar to Decode The Teencode, this game also randomly pairs players and uses Google's voice to manage the game. The sound is programmed and played for each round. After each round, the speed of sound will speed up. At the same time, at the request of the game, Marvy has programmed the player to control the arrow keys opposite to the spoken dialogue. For example: “Stand up” - Press the down arrow, "Please sit down" - Press the up arrow,...
    • Hold The Duck: The game has integrated 3D duck with falling animation to increase user experience. In addition, we have programmed a balance bar and buttons so that the player can keep the red bar in the middle of the specified position to keep the duck's balance. At the same time, Marvy also gives the user 3 lives, each time the red bar exceeds the specified area, it will correspond to 1 life.


  • Leaderboard: With 3 games Decode The Teencode, Don't Follow The Rule, and Hold The Duck, each win is specified as 10 points and loss is 5 points. Team Marvy has programmed the score to accumulate and after each play. The more users play, the higher the score. And the score is updated quickly on the leaderboard so that everyone can determine the rank to compete for the Top position and win many interesting gifts.



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