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Dong Tam Has Launched Emulation Room Using WebXR Technology

An online experience of interior design from Dong Tam, a company specializing in providing building materials and interior decoration, makes it easier than ever to choose the floor tiles, wall tiles, and paint colors for your beloved home.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - 2D Design
  • - WebXR Development
  • - Backend Development

Idea & Concept

With industry limitations that hinder the user experience before making a purchase decision such as: not allowing trial of brick and wall paint products, many customers have difficulty in making a choice of brick background. Or the right paint color for your house. Understanding that, Dong Tam Group has brought a tile/painting experience on a virtual room to help customers have a visual view of the product when it is put into use.


Mix & Match

Dong Tam's online tile/paint experience includes 5 rooms of a complete house: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and garden. Each room has its own options that allow the users to tile/paint the walls, ceilings and floors.

Users can choose any room, and click to select the desired tile background or paint color so that the product can be applied to the walls, floors and ceilings.


Users can be free to create room coordination with the following features:

Change the tile layout: Customers can change the rotation angle of the corner tiles by 90-135-180 and choose many beautiful tile layouts such as L-layout, zigzag layout, checkerboard layout, etc.



Mix & match a variety of tiles/paints: When laying tiles or paint colors on walls, ceilings or floors, users can shrink the coverage area of the product.

Customers can try multiple paint colors or tiles on the same piece of wall, floor or ceiling at the same time to make it easier to compare, compare and from there, make a purchase choice easier. 


To create an online but lifelike interior decorating experience, Marvy worked on programming to keep the lighting, shadows and light reflections of the rooms at a high level of realism. At the same time, it still ensures the smooth performance of the website.


Depending on the light and shade of the room, the brick background will have the same effect. Brick-based products are divided into 2 main materials: matte and glossy. Glossy tiles will have a reflection effect on surrounding objects, and matte tiles will have a shadow effect that corresponds to the direction of light in the room.


Reflective effect of glossy tiles


The effect of matte tiles in different lighting conditions


Tile products and paint colors are classified according to many properties, making it easy for customers to filter products according to individual needs: tile size, color, surface material, application, pattern.


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