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How to apply AR VR into Food & Beverage (F&B) industry

AR VR in Food & Beverage (F&B)

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Vietnam is not only rated as one of Asia's top cuisine countries, but also every year, the number of restaurants and eateries increases dramatically. There’re more than 540,000 restaurants, including about 430,000 small eateries, 7,000 restaurants in fast food service, 22,000 coffee shops, bars and over 80,000 well-invested restaurants.

So how can your brand stand out from hundreds of thousands of F&B competitors in the Digital Marketing battle? And how to attract more potential customers to your Brand? In this article, Marvy Co. will bring to the F&B industry the advanced technology solution, AR (Augmented Reality), helping Brands to have breakthroughs in revenue and impressive transformation.

1. AR Business card

Augmented Reality business cards has opened the new era and become the evolved version of traditional cards, with the essence of Augmented Reality, your business card is no longer a "small piece paper with tiny information", but a versatile tool that brings much more practical benefits.

  • AR business cards make a strong impression on customers by its creativity and originality.
  • AR can display your store on map, announce about promotions, events, your brand products or showcase new products, and change multiple languages...
  • Highlight and increase your brand recognition.
  • Show all the important information about your products and your brand stories that you want to convey to customers by AR business card.

Marvy Co.’s AR for printing publications is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand.

2. AR Menu

Menu in the F&B industry means to show the image of your brand. It interacts closely with customers when they come to your restaurant, the menu also presents all the dishes, drinks, prices and ingredients. Customers decide what to order and pay for, whether or not customers can capture your brand's story and ideas, depends all on the menu they are holding. With the application of AR in the menu of restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, bars... will bring your brand's Menu to a new level in the competitive F&B market.

  • Menu presents in many different languages.
  • Display realistic, detailed and beautiful 3D images of all dishes.
  • Customers can see dishes’ pictures, ingredients, calories ... and special information that the restaurant wants to send to customers.
  • Customers also know information about the process.
  • Check the reviews and comments from previous customers.
  • Customers choose and access directly and clearly with the Menu. This helps a lot during busy hours, as well as saving on staff costs of the restaurant.

Marvy Co. Publications Contains a multitude of AR printing products in general. Team Marvy is always flexible to propose the latest creative ideas, not only creating a unique AR Menu template in appearance, full in features, but also bold about story and goals. of the brand.

3. AR Store Signs, Banner, Billboard

Logo is the most important factor that makes the difference and represents the unique image of each brand, it is the symbol that will accompany your business for a long time. Logo is one of the priority investments, especially in the F&B industry where many logos appear on the street, so how to improve your brand’s logo makes customers remember deeply? Augmented Reality technology will answer that question, your brand logo will make a whole new step with AR!

  • Wherever your brand’s logo appears, customers can scan and interact with the Logo through vivid 3D images.
  • Tell the brand story or a meaningful message through the AR Logo will easier to touch the heart of customers.
  • Connect backlinks to Facebook Fan Page, Website, Landing Page…
  • Minigame and special events can also be integrated into AR Logo.

4. AR for Prints- Catalogue, Poster

The prints such as catalogue, leaflets, posters, banners always appear in the marketing and communication campaigns of the F&B industry. The AR technology plays a new role in enhancing the possibilities of how messages could deliver to customers through prints. Turn ordinary printings into vivid and realistic 3D images. Allowing customers enjoy with more than one sense in a completely new and impressive way.

  • Display map, address information, specific route.
  • View Menu, full of 3D dishes.
  • Directly send information and messages to customers.
  • Introduce promotions information in exciting ways.
  • Make customers want to share to social media links easily and conveniently.
  • Create an unique point of the brand from competitors in the market.

Marvy Co.’s AR for printing is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand.

5. AR Packaging


In the 4.0 era, packaging is considered as a static communication, conveying information of the products, as well as the value and characteristics of the brand to customers. Impressive packaging is an important condition to have a strong impact on users' minds and make a great mark on the market. AR Packaging will show brand’s professionalism as well as promoting the functionality of the product.

  • AR channel (AR Broadcast) is an outstanding feature of AR Packaging, turning every packaging into a unique ‘TV channel’ of the brand - various videos, quotes, and news can be posted every day. Especially, we can change content on AR channel automatically by setting up next posting time. Customers can scan the packaging and enjoy different content every day, just like a broadcast owned by the brand.
  • Customers can shop on product packaging through the "Order Now" and "Order more products" buttons of AR Broadcast.
  • AR packaging will display the Minigame of the campaigns or events. Customers will be amused and deeply connected to the product by playing interesting AR 3D games.
  • Tell vivid brand stories through packaging: images, information, messages... in 3D when users scan packages.
  • Increase the spiritual value of the packaging by creating direct interaction between the customer and the packaging.

Marvy Co. provides AR printing on a multitude of products in general. Marvy Team will propose to your brand the latest creative ideas, not only creating magnificent AR in visuals, with full of functions, but also following closely with your brand’s desire and target.

6. AR Filter/ AR Game

Social media platforms play a huge role in our life, community and business also. Any current marketing strategy is implementing a large campaign of Digital Marketing on Social Media, so brands are competing to apply new ways to improve efficiency. Now we’ve got AR Filter / AR Game brings the best solutions for Digital Marketing.

  • Insert unique 2D / 3D filters that fit your brand’s sense and targets, motivate users to take selfies, record videos, and share them on social media. Expand your brand name and increase engagement for your brand strategy.
  • AR Game is interesting with many creative ways to play, bringing brand product images to the Game, creating interaction between customers and products through the interesting Game, and entertaining customers, while bringing benefits to your brand.

Marvy Co. team with experiences in creating unique and engaging AR Filter and AR Game in simulation, interface and creativity. Ensure to bring complete AR products for what your brand needs, as well as to reach the goals and targets.

7. WebAR

WebAR delivers the AR experience with Website browsers, bringing e-commerce to customers with another level. AR on the platform is more convenient and still has stable performance.

  • Customers will enjoy foods and drinks in beautiful 3D models.
  • Easier to convince customers to order food.
  • Customers can be more confident when buying foods online.
  • Increase traffic for advertising campaigns.
  • Increase traffic for your brand's website.
  • Customers will conveniently access directly by phone, Tablet.

Marvy Co. will optimize AR features on Website, provide your brand WebAR products performing smoothly, and still meet the requirements of presentation.


8. FACEBOOK CHATBOT - AR Menu in messenger

Using a QR code or with just a status posted on Facebook Fanpage, the restaurant menu will immediately appear in the customers’ Chatbot, customers everywhere will see all the dishes in your Menu through 3D models at home, or anywhere.

  • Convenient menu form, helping to reach many potential customers.
  • Eliminate all geographic barriers between customers and your brand.
  • AR prompts customers to interact with your brand’s Facebook page.
  • Chatbot makes customers feel cared more personalized form the customer’s service.

AR Menu Chatbot from Marvy Co. is the creation of Facebook Chatbot Marketing tactic. Link AR Menu to your customers' Chatbot and help them archive the Menu of your brand, experience the AR Menu anytime, anywhere.

9. AR Restaurant Decoration

Apart from food and quality service, the decoration of the restaurant and cafe are also important factors deciding the customer experience. Especially in the digital age, customers always "check-in" at any dining and entertainment places they go to.

  • Therefore, AR will make the restaurant's space more vivid, excite customers to "check-in" and share on social media.
  • AR is not only for decoration, but also for captivating restaurant stories and stories behind every dish.
  • Take advantage of AR to guide the way to the checkout counter, or WC, the parking…
  • Integrating 2D / 3D images, video, sound, information... into AR Decoration, like making restaurants and cafe shops come alive in virtual space.

With a professional development team and innovative design team, Marvy Co. not only creates the most advanced AR Decoration products, but also delivers creative and unique decorations that match the spirit and story of your restaurant or coffee shop.

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