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AR for Event

Enhance audiences’ experience at your event with AR technology and the body movement tracking on standing booths, tablets, large screens,...


Marvy will consult for the most efficient platform for your event.

What is AR for Event ?

AR for Events are AR applications placed at offline events, public places like Backdrop, Photobooth to attract audiences with interesting experiences. Marvy will create a new zone that fits your events’ theme, hence audiences can take impressive photos. Also, with the facial emotion tracking and basic body’s movement, Marvy can develop to let audience interact with virtual graphics

We host
AR for Event with:

IOS Displays

Android Displays

(App, Tablet, TV, booth)

Window Displays

(large screen, booth...)


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Made with:
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At Marvy Co, we use state-of-the-art sensor devices to maximize users' interactive experience.

Facial Tracking Photobooth

Product try-on in retail store (cosmetis, contact lense, jewelry, glasses...)

Mini facial games with head movements and face gestures.

Best on: Tablet, standing booth...

Body Tracking Screen

For malls, stores, events, wide areas

Body tracking games using body movements- moving hands, head, body to interact with digital content.

Best on: Large screen, standing booth...

AR Backdrop

For all kinds of events (Grand Opening, New Products,...)

AR Backdrop is designed to display virtual graphics around audiences for impressive photos.

Best on: Printed backdrop, Photobooth...

AR Immersive Environment

For events, wide areas, exhibitions to support marketing activities,campaigns

AR Immersive Environment creating a new zone with multiple digital graphics based on the event’s theme for audiences to interact lively

How to apply AR for Event

At Event

Ideal for backdrop, photo booth, direction signs, exhibitions,...Creating memorable impressions for your event, innovating events’ concepts that significantly attract audiences

At Stores & Public Places

Ideal for standing photo booths, large screens in publics to attract people around. Create fascinating experience and impression for the community

AR for Event's content is made by Game development service. Ping us for the best combo!

AR for Event

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AR Game

How AR/VR helps industries

Learn how businesses apply AR/VR to their journeys in the studies below. Every magical things here can be found at Marvy's services.

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