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How to apply AR VR into Fashion Industry

AR VR into Fashion Industry

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Customer expectation is rapidly changing following the digital transformation, to persuade consumers, all fashion brands are always searching for new solutions that brighten up their names in the competitive market.

Among advanced technologies, it is impossible not to mention AR (Augmented Reality)- a great solution in the Fashion industry, AR helps customers to easily buy products, makes them willing to spend a bigger amount of money and grab new consumers by its remarkable technological ability.

The fashion market all over the world is in a saturated phase because of Covid-19, AR opens up new opportunities for brands to reach customers' emotions, refresh and satisfy them.

1. AR Business Card

Augmented Reality business cards has opened the new era and become the evolved version of traditional cards, with Augmented Reality’s ability to blend virtual objects in real environments with just a smartphone, your business card is no longer a "small piece paper with tiny information", but a versatile tool that brings much more practical benefits.

  • AR business cards make a strong impression on customers by its creativity and originality.
  • AR can display your store on map, announce about promotions, events, your brand products or showcase new products, and change multiple languages...
  • Highlight and increase your brand recognition.
  • Show all the important information about your products and your brand stories that you want to convey to customers by AR business card.

Marvy Co.’s AR for printing publications is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand. 

2. AR magazine, brochure, catalog and other prints

In the fashion industry, it is essential to show more images and information so that customers can easily make their buying decisions. But it’s impossible to present so many products with diverse colors on a few pages of the magazine, catalogue, brochure... Now with Augmented Reality (AR), by using mobile phones or tablets, customers can experience costumes, shoes and accessories with vivid 3D models, they can also change the product colors. In addition, AR is able to convey full content, 2D image, video, audio...

    • Give buyers the accurate imagination of the product.
    • Help customers make their buying decisions quicklier.
    • Personalize the shopping process, as well as bring new innovative and convenient technology to customer experiences.
    • AR utilities bring long-term support to businesses and customers, and flexibly apply to various marketing strategies.

    Marvy Co.’s AR for printing publications is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand. 

    3. AR.T-Shirt

    Making a normal T-shirt (T-shirt) become an enjoyable experience for everyone by scanning AR (Augmented Reality) Logo T-shirt, which will appear beautiful images and effects. For printed t-shirts from your brand, can be easily conveyed the story behind them, AR technology can become a storyteller, turning the shirt into a great work of art with interesting videos, flawless 3D models or games.

    • This is not just a short-term marketing campaign but a long-term sales strategy for the brand, we can integrate advertisements, vouchers, discount…
    • Stimulate customers to buy more products to complete the Game or collect pieces of AR effect.
    • Build your brand name by encouraging customers to share on social networking sites. Brands will get great benefits when customers introduce more people to the AR experience.

    Development Team and Graphic Design Team from Marvy Co. confidently produce the most trendy and innovative AR T-shirt. With the criteria of creating a significant breakthrough for the fashion industry in general, local brands take T-shirts as the main products in Vietnam in particular. 

    2. AR Try-on Products

    About fashion accessories, it is very difficult for customers to make online buying decisions, especially for high-end products. They don't know if the accessory is suitable for them or not, about color, size, material, or simply suitable for their outfit. AR Try On enables customers to try all the authentic accessory models in 3D, without going to the store.

    • Glasses 
      Choosing the right sunglasses and glasses for their face before making a purchase decision, with AR Filter making 3D models and true colors of glasses.
    • Rings, bracelets, watches 
      Using the AR Kit and wrist tracking sticker, finger tracking paper ring, customers can experience luxurious AR 3D jewelry models and sparkle on their own hands.
    • Necklaces, earrings
      AR Filter necklaces or earrings show directly on the customer's face, works on both App platforms (iOS, Android), Facebook, Instagram.
    • Shoes 
      When customers are sitting at home or anywhere with their smartphones, then simply pointing the camera at their feet, the App will show choices about sneakers, shoes, users can try it with AR, and easily make payment.

    • With the AR Try On experience, your brand will make customers easilier pay for high-end products, after trying a multitude of models.
    • No more geographical barriers, customers can experience AR Try On and do shopping anytime and anywhere they are.
    • Become a leading jewelry or fashion brand by applying 4.0 technology, expand your online market, and increase potential customers.
    • Bringing your brand name to a wider market, innovating and raising brand image.
    • Increase online sales and overall income.

    With Marvy Co.’s AR Try On solution, AR accessories with 3D models are full of elements of detail, right shape and vivid color,... When customers experience AR Try On, they will have a deeply emotional connection with the products, thanks to the authenticity and vibrancy of AR.

    3. AR Fashion Showroom

    At store customers or online customers can experience like they are standing in the real environment. Augmented reality (AR) creates a multi-dimensional showroom in each customer's home, or any other space. This brings high efficiency for fashion brands for promoting their online business further, helping customers to choose the size, color, clearly see the details of product materials, or regulations. The process of production and its formation.

    • Increase the revenue of your online business.
    • Selling is not the ultimate goal, to maintain trust and loyalty of customers with your brand name is the factor to the success.
    • Personalization makes buyers interested and willing to spend more.
    • Create a fashion showroom in the digital age, save big costs to open and maintain branches, but still bring a unique shopping experience to customers.

    Experienced field team from Marvy Co., ensuring to create beautiful and detailed AR Showrooms to each product simulation, giving customers the most authentic experiences.

    4. AR In-store Displays

    In the fashion industry, AR In Store is not only a tool to attract many customers to come to the store, but also a creative highlight for your brand. So many brands around the world that use AR In Store and bring unique experiences to their customers, and encourage the community experience AR.

    • Customers use smartphones and scan the products, they will experience every information, your brand or products’ stories, in the form of 2D / 3D images, videos, …
    • Customers can use AR to try on clothes for mannequins, they can see how the products they choose then mix together, and see every information attached to each item.
    • Integrating your brand story, customers can collect vouchers, promotions and mini games when applying AR In Store to increase customers' interaction.

    Marvy Co. will bring the most unique AR In Store experience to your customers and bring practical benefits to your business goals in the fashion industry. Our tech team will give you advice and support both screen software and hardware, and our deployment team will propose new and attractive ideas for your store to ensure the best efficiency for the project.

    5. AR Fashion Show

    Life is more and more innovative, show ideas are gradually becoming boring, picky to audiences, so the traditional catwalk is moving to apply Augmented Reality (AR) technology to get more opportunities and attention. Being creative and groundbreaking, AR is one of the new choices for the growth of the fashion industry in the future.

    • Fashion designers can create a space full of virtual effects using AR, the models can interact with 3D objects, the audience can watch the show through the big screen with many 3D effects on the catwalk stage.
    • The impossible things can be put on the stage thanks to AR, the most difficult concepts can still be done with AR and unique effects, the show will make a strong impression in the fashion industry.

    6. VR in FASHION

    The meaning of every custom, or the stories and messages behind the fashion brands' collections, is often broad and profound. It seems that in this era of constantly evolving, traditional fashion shows are gradually losing attention, and are too limited in conveying those stories. With Virtual Reality (VR), customers will discover a different world, each model is displayed in a space with a diverse and attractive story, which customers can interact with.

    • Describe more of the ideas and meanings of every custom, as well as the story of the brand, through the magical and attractive 3D space.
    • Increasing the value of fashion brands and products through VR. Customers experience more emotionally associated with products, as well as with brands.
    • Create buzz and stand out for the brand in the market.

    Marvy Co. ensured the creation of the most advanced VR products, with beautiful 3D design simulation and in detail, consulting support to provide hardware for your brand.

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