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How to apply AR VR into Real Estate industry

AR VR in Real Estate industry

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Usually a new client has to go through a long process to research and get to know the project, after that they will come and see the project in real life. Likewise, the real estate broker must constantly update the requirements of the project and provide to clients the information they need. They always have to discuss and negotiate for a long time to make the payment decision. But even setting an appointment with clients is also a problem for many reasons such as location, or clients don’t have time, or the real estate brokers are not convincing enough.

With AR / VR technology, the problems can be solved and give clients the most exciting feeling when they visit the project. In the world, many countries have applied AR / VR to the promotion and introduction of real estate and brought many breakthrough successes. Thanks to AR / VR, clients can see and experience the project wherever they are, even “going inside" the apartment and “rearranging” the furniture. AR also bring many practical benefits in this industry such as:

1. AR Business card

Augmented Reality business cards has opened the new era and become the evolved version of traditional cards, with the essence of Augmented Reality, your business card is no longer a "small piece paper with tiny information", but a versatile tool that brings much more practical benefits.

  • AR business cards make a strong impression on customers by its creativity and originality.
  • AR can display your store on map, announce about promotions, events, your brand products or showcase new products, and change multiple languages...
  • Highlight and increase your brand recognition.
  • Show all the important information about your products and your brand stories that you want to convey to customers by AR business card.

Marvy Co.’s AR for printing publications is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand.

2. Catalogs, brochures, posters and other publications

With AR in printing publications, real estate brokers can more clearly convey every important information, like your company profile, new project or constructing project information. Your clients or partners can use App to scan the prints and AR will display as images, 3D models, videos and content of your project.

  • AR will convey all the necessary information to clients in a way that hasn’t been used normally before.
  • AR will be the new trend of real estate marketing, causing curiosity to clients and community.
  • AR helps your brand be more professional and unique to stand out in the real estate market.
  • AR is a useful tool to support real estate brokers and consultants of your company.

Marvy Co.’s AR for printing publications is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand.

3. AR Physical model

The development of technology today not only brings us many benefits, but also saves a lot of costs, time and efficiency in every campaign. With the virtual Physical model is a type of AR (Augmented Reality), which is a great choice for every real estate company, virtual Physical model can present all details, information and images in the most impressive method. Virtual Physical model is easy to deploy, efficient and affordable. With the virtual Physical model, clients can see the overview from afar, high, and every angle of the project, and also all directions, weather, or nature light of daily.

  • Clients can easily visualize the real estate details at every construction stage.
  • Personalize client experience.
  • Deploy and reference your projects anywhere with convenient and simple steps.
  • Optimal saving but still getting high efficiency.
  • Virtual Physical model is the future of real estate marketing.

Marvy Co.'s team is always ready to come to the project area and bring back specific numbers and images to create the real and vivid AR Physical model in every detail.

4. AR navigation indoor

People often use beacons or indoor spatial maps, but not really effective. AR navigation indoor is a solution that helps clients to find every location in shopping malls or buildings just by using their smartphones. AR navigation indoor on App will provide a realistic and vivid map, the AR arrows will show clients how to easily find the place they want to go such as the elevator, WC, coffee shop, convenience store, entrance exit... AR will lead them to the place and display the exact turn position.

  • Helping residents and clients not get lost and saving their time.
  • Increase the professionalism in your company name.
  • An important feature that makes your App be more convenient.
  • Insert mini games, vouchers, coupons... in order to promote the campaign conveniently and effectively.

Marvy Co. can insert your brand's 2D / 3D Mascot into AR as a direction character. In addition, Marvy team is extremely proficient in measuring distances, and positions of your building’s objects… . Ensuring to create the AR Building Map Guide with high performance and accuracy, that helps your clients use it easily and conveniently.

5. AR PORTAL - Magic door

AR Portal creates a multi-dimensional space for your clients to visit every project with just a smartphone, even if they are at home or anywhere. Take your clients to another world or any environment that your brand wants them to experience, through the "Magic Door" in the digital age.

Open the “Magic Door" they can see the realistic 3D models design of the apartment or house and visit them. They can walk, move furniture and equipment inside the AR apartment or house.

  • Overcome the geographic barriers for clients.
  • Encourage clients to pay for real estate faster and more convenient by helping them “visit” many house samples at the same time.
  • Your company doesn't need to spend money to build or decorate the entire interior of the model apartment.
  • Thanks to AR, the promotion and marketing of the project will be optimized.

Your brand will be extremely satisfied with The Magic Door from Marvy Co. Our Team will come to see your real estate project and propose the best AR Portal options for you.

6. AR Sketchwalk

Depending on data that the engineer provides, we can know the measurement of an apartment, a house, a plot of land, or any large area… But clients often find it difficult to visualize it when they just hear the presentation of your real estate brokers. That’s why the AR (Augmented Reality) Sketchwalk was created to solve this problem. By using a tablet or smartphone, clients themselves can measure the area of a real land, or rely on the real environment around them to measure ​​an apartment or a house that they want.

  • Support for brokers to communicate and consult to clients.
  • AR Sketchwalk helps the sales process be more professional and modern.
  • Convenient for clients having geographical barriers, now wherever they are, they can see the real area of ​​the apartment or house.
  • Help the buying and selling process be more convenient and quicker, making it easier for clients to pay when they get all the necessary information they want to know.

Marvy Co.'s professional tech team with a lot of experience in the AR / VR industry, we assure to create the high performance and accurate AR Sketchwalk, to bring the practical benefits to your business and your clients.

7. AR Interactive Touchscreen

AR Interactive Touchscreen is usually used in the real estate consulting offices or the real estate events and exhibitions, touch screens get clients to see project overview, see apartments or houses in realistic and vivid 3D models from every view. Real estate brokers can guide clients to see every process of their future apartments or houses.

  • A unique highlight for your company’s events, exhibitions,...
  • Clients will be more convenient to discuss and comment about the project with others.
  • AR Touchscreen will help your events or exhibitions be more interesting and bring many benefits to your clients.
  • Provide an innovative AR technology experience to the community.

Marvy Co. will bring the most unique AR interactive Touchscreen experience to your clients and bring practical benefits to your business goals in the real estate industry. Our tech team will give you advice and support both screen software and hardware, and our deployment team will propose new and attractive ideas for your event or exhibition to ensure the best efficiency for the project.

8. VR Development

In every house, building or apartment of the real estate project, the sales process always takes so much time and effort. The brokers have to find clients and arrange to meet each of them, and mostly clients are busy or far away, so they don’t have any opportunity to come and see the project. But even clients who come are still difficult to convince them to buy immediately. In the age of technology, these problems can be overcome with Virtual Reality (VR). VR can show clients the realistic and vivid 3D models of the apartment or house with full 3D furniture, clients can change colors of the wall, view the scenery outside the windows… Clients can “visit” the real estate project in an interesting and convenient way by VR.

  • Overcome the geographic barriers, wherever clients are, they can easily “visit” multiple apartments or houses at the same time.
  • When clients get enough information they need and experience every corner in the building or house by VR tour, they will quicklier make a payment decision.
  • VR will help the buying and selling process in your project quicklier.
  • Reduce human resources for your company and increase efficiency for every project.

Marvy Co. assures to create detailed 3D models, and our professional tech team will insert the 3D models into the unique and vivid VR environment.

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