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AR geo location
AR geo locationAR Geo Location

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What is AR Geo Location ?

AR Geo Location is a combination of AR technology and GPS. Marvy will attach digital graphics into specific locations and allow them to display lively on the map. Hence, the map will be more informative and bring new experiences for viewers, especially travelers. This type of AR can be developed for interactive game like Pokemon Go.

Reason to choose AR Geo Location
  • Can be combined with other AR types to develop
  • Increase customers’ experiences
  • Develop interactive game at specific locations
  • Applicable in marketing activities attracting customers
We develop
AR Geo Location on:
Mobile App



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An mobile application is required. We can develope a new app or intergrated to an existing one.
Type of

AR Geo Location

AR Map photo

AR map

Using GPS and navigation tech to show the direction mapping exactly to the real world.

Location Based Game photo

Location – based game

Remember Pokemon Go? Using GPS, AR contents can be placed at any position on the map and appear in real life at exact locations.

Exclusive AR photo

Exclusive AR experience

With this advanced technology, AR contents can only be experienced when users come to the appointed area, making the place more special and unique.

Applying Scenarios


Ideal for: Building, office, mall, market, retail store...


Ideal for: Sightseeing, landscape, historical sights, park, street, public area...

What can you do with
AR Geo Location?

Navigation và Guide photo

Navigation & Guide

Show the route, distance, adding info to the scene and 3D guiding companions like the brand's mascot.

Informative Stop photo

Informative Stops

Adding info, infographic, 3D effect, ratings, reviews... to any appointed stations of the journey.

Gamified Journey photo

Gamified Journey

Inspired users to explore your area with missionary systems, collectable items, upgrading levels...

Reward Systems photo

Reward system

Complete missions along the game's progression to gain real life rewards.

Event Control photo

Event Control

Customizing AR contents easily, timing your own event to create unique experience via CMS (control management system)

Spectacular AR World photo

Spectacular AR World

Digitize your brand story with marvelous interactive AR effects in the most interactive way possible.

AR Geo location can be more attractive when developed with AR Game and AR World

AR Geo Location

Asset 24+
game photo

AR Game

Asset 24+
AR World photo

AR World

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