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AR Product Viewer

Boost sale efficiently with 3D visualization in real environment
Put 3D products in your real world

What is Ar Product Viewer ?

AR Product Viewer is a technology recreating the visual of a product within a 3D model and allowing it to appear live in the viewer's current surroundings through the camera on mobile devices. Marvy can develop these virtual graphics and let the audiences place them on any nearby surface to have a 360° interaction.

Reason to choose AR Product Viewer
  • Applicable for the retail industry to help customers preview the products.
  • Support customers shorten their considering time
  • Create engaging experience for customers
  • Possibility to increase sales for e-commerce

Around 41% customers are willing to spend more on a product if they can try it through AR.

Source: Nyma Malik, researched

We do
AR Product Viewer on:

Social Media

Mobile App


Made with:
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Highly interactive
(Move, Zoom, Rotate )

Hyper realistic object
(Size, appearance)

Blend the object
(Applying advanced technology, realistically blend the object in the real world - Video)


AR Product Viewer’s Applications

Preview product 360°

Ideal for: Building, office, mall, market, retail store...

Manual Guide

Ideal for: Sightseeing, landscape, historical sights, park, street, public area...

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