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AR Technology - Augmented Reality is a way to bring virtual content into real-life through the camera on mobile devices. AR allows users to see their surroundings and virtual elements displayed on the screen at the same time. These graphics appear like an overlay over the actual scene and users can easily interact with them

Marvy can provide multiple types of AR such as AR Face Filter, AR Packaging, etc. for you to adapt all your requests and purposes.

We develope all types of AR
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AR Face Filter

They are stunning filters on Facebook, Instagram using AR technology to track facial points and basic movements like a nod, blink,... to allow users to interact with virtual content. Marvy will develop and design eye-catching graphics, bring out the final product support marketing campaigns, and online communication activities.

ar photo
ar photo

AR Image Tracking

Usually apply in print publications like packaging, poster, name card,... Using AR technology to identify a target image, Marvy can develop to lively display the 3D graphics in front of users’ sight when they scan the product. Since then, the reputation of brands will be more professional thanks to modern technology and be attractive to customers.


AR for Event

AR applications at events or public places such as Backdrop, Photobooth to attract audiences with amazing experiences and interactions. Marvy will create a new virtual zone for audiences to have memorable check-in photos. Moreover, by tracking facial expressions and body movements, Marvy can develop to help audiences’ interact with virtual elements.

ar photo
ar photo

AR Product Viewer

Recreating the product in a 3D model and displaying it in users’ surroundings via the camera on mobile devices. Marvy will feature these virtual content and allow users to place them on a random surface to have 360° interaction.


AR Geo-Location

A combination of AR technology and GPS. Marvy will establish the virtual contents into specific locations and let them display on the map. Hence, the map will be more informative and bring more experiences for everyone, especially travelers. This type of AR can also be developed to become an interactive game like Pokemon Go.

ar photo
ar photo

AR Space - AR World

Re-new users’ surroundings with eye-catching graphics, lead them to a new wonderland via AR technology. Marvy will help users personalize their experiences, allow them to interact with virtual elements and explore a new magical world.

Creativity & Imagination Reality

Why Us

  1. Design the most impressive and suitable Art concept for your Brand..
  2. Abundant ideas for AR Game, Casual Game...
  3. Plenty Tech trends catching from our team.
  4. You get all the most effective technologies for Digital Marketing in just one Agency.

Working Process

1. Listen and Understand Requirement.

2. Analyse and Consult.

3. List Function and Feature.

4. Prototype.

5. Game Development.

6. Testing and Quality Assurance.

7. Deployment.

8. Support and Maintenance.

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