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AR Face Filter

We don't make AR Filter for fun, we make significant outcomes for your business.

What is AR Face Filter ?

AR Face Filters are filters with AR technology tracking users’ facial points and basic movements such as nod, blink, open mouth,... to help them interact with virtual content. Marvy will develop and create outstanding graphics, allowing them to display on users’ face through camera on their mobile devices. Which will bring stunning filters supporting marketing campaigns and online communication activities.

Reasons to use AR Face Filter
  • Possibility to become viral on social media
  • Multiple concepts to develop content
  • Interesting marketing and communication activities with “Try On” Filter, add-in stickers, interactive game,...
  • Ability to combine with other AR types to increase users’ experiences
We do
AR Face Filter on:

Social Media

Mobile App


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Why Marvy for
AR Face Filter


Marvy will consult, guide and support brands from concept to the date of approval on Facebook / Instagram.

Marvy's member was in Top 3 of Spark AR Asia Hackathon 2019, we assure your Facebook/Instagram AR effects will have identical visuals.



Marvy's projects are well optimised for performance so that brands can achieve their ideas with limited obstacles.

The Most Important

Facebook has a strict review policy. Violating any of those would make your filter rejected and badly affect your project's timeline.

Marvy will take care of this and guarantee your project success on time!

Face Filter

AR Filter for marketing campaign

AR filters/ AR ads for digital marketing campaigns - Boost your brand's impression
AR Mini Game
AR filters/ AR ads for digital marketing campaigns - Boost your brand's impression & AR Mini Game

Try-on makeup filter



Contact lens

Try-on Accessories filter




Track and get deeper insight of your MARKETING campaign

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