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How to apply AR VR into Electrical Devices industry

The electrical industry is brought to a new level with AR technology

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Everybody has difficulty finding and selecting essential home appliances for countless reasons such as: suitable brands, worrying whether the reference product is right for the home, the intended location, or whether the products in the website look exactly like the images. Electronic retailers in Vietnam are still struggling to find solutions to solve the problems above for the majority of customers.

In recent years, thanks to the strong evolution of Augmented Reality (AR), many furniture and electrical devices brands such as INHABIT, IKEA have applied this technology to their retail strategy and delivered great results, especially with the media

1.Business card


AR business cards are the evolved version of traditional cards, opening up a new era for business cards. With Augmented Reality’s ability to blend virtual objects into real environments with just a smartphone, your business card is no longer a "small piece paper with tiny information", but a versatile tool that brings much more practical benefits.

- AR helps the business card not to be limited in text and image content.

- In addition to basic personal information, if you have more than one business or want to share your accumulated knowledge and experience, you can fully deploy it on an AR Business Card.

- Introduce new products and services of the business.

- Add 2D / 3D images, videos, ...

- Showcase new products / services.

- Change language diversity.

- Link link to Website, Landing Page, or any digital information that your business wants customers and partners to access.

AR products by Marvy Co. are extremely diverse and well-invested. With a pioneering spirit, we aim to bring the ultimate AR experience at an affordable price to businesses and communities in Vietnam. Contact Marvy Co. today to own a set of innovative and convenient high-tech AR business cards for you and your business.


2. Catalog, Poster, Flyer and Other Publications

Along with printing publications such as catalogs, brochures, posters,... Customers can experience AR (Augmented Reality) by using their mobile phones or tablets. AR helps customers visualize clearly every electrical device after scanning images, the information, materials, prices, manuals… will be displayed in AR.

- Solve the problem of customers hesitating or doubting when shopping online.

- Personalize your customers’ shopping experience.
- With AR the new shopping method is both entertaining and convenient, eliminating those old boring manuals.
- AR creates a highlight for your brand name, increases customer recognition and helps your brand stand out in the market.

3. Introduction & Usage manual

Referring to manuals of electrical appliances, household electrical appliances, technology equipment ... most people think of complicated and boring images. Black and white pages or intricate drawings are complicated, making many customers feel discouraged to ignore them, then waste time figuring out how to use the products themselves. AR technology promises to solve this for electronics brands.

- AR will bring to your customers a guidebook that has the ability to "guide" clearly and easily for them to understand.

- AR displays vivid 3D models, images, videos and content that simulate the inside of every device, for every stage, such as installation support and assembly required, problem support, maintaining...

- Increase electrical device or technology equipment knowledge for customers, save their time and help them feel more self-reliant with the devices. As a result, there will be fewer calls from customers to the support services, reducing the need to send support staff to customers' houses, saving your brand's expenses.


4. WebAR - Product View for Ecommerce Website

(AR quicklook)

Augmented Reality (AR) has enabled and provided product experiences to customers through Website, which is not only an advantage for your brand using AR, but also a great convenience to your customers. On your brand's website, customers can see electrical devices or technology equipment in 3D models and use the WebAR to test them. Customers don’t need to download any Mobile App to experience the products, they just access the link or scan the QR code directly on your Website.

- Improve customers' online shopping experience.
- Help customers visualize devices with real size in their houses.
- Improve customers' confidence for online shopping. The online shopping experience is also entertaining and convenient, helping your brand to attract and retain more customers.
- Great influence on customers' online shopping decisions, upgrading e-commerce websites to a more useful experience.

5. AR Portal Room - Magic Door

AR Portal creates a multi-dimensional space for customers to visit your store with just a Smartphone, even if they are at home or anywhere. Take your customers to another world or any environment that your brand wants them to experience, through the "Magic Door" in the digital age. Customers can move around to see all the products and information in that virtual showroom. Bring your customers to an interesting online shopping experience and encourage them to share this experience on social media.

- Break down all geographic barriers, interact with customers all over the world, bring to them a true "shopping" experience when they are not able to go to the store.
- Encourage customers to pay faster and more conveniently, when they experience many products at the same time with their phones.
- You don’t have to build and organize showrooms in many places while still increasing online sales by AR.
- AR helps every marketing campaign become more interesting to your customers, by conveying full product information in many forms such as videos, textual content, 3D model...

Your brand will be extremely satisfied with “the Magic Door” from Marvy Co., our professional team will come to see your store and propose the best AR Portal options for your project.


6. Support production, installation training

In Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering, Construction Machine Engineering ... The equipment is extremely complex, it takes a lot of time for novices in the industry to get acquainted and explore ideas. new knowledge in the process of learning and practicing. Even when the product reaches the business customers and factories, there are always many obstacles for people outside the industry to easily use it. Augmented reality (AR) has brought AR Manufacturing solutions, optimal support for the Mechanical Engineering industry by 3D simulations of each detail in the product, how each small part is assembled together, presenting literature copies and videos for critical phases that require a lot of information.

- Accelerating the learning and practicing process of students and interns, providing them with advanced technology tools.

- Overcome barriers that limit Mechanical Engineering knowledge.

- Customers can easily use every complex device.

- Minimize human resources for maintenance support thanks to AR.

- AR shows the structure by 3D models with full information such as video and image...


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