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AR Space - AR World

When "virtual" and "real" intertwined
Just by one click, everything on Earth will appear in front of your eyes.

What is AR Space - AR World ?

AR Space - AR World is a way to recreate users’ surroundings with multiple digital graphics, creating a new world for them to experience. Marvy can develop these virtual content and allow them to display as an overlay on the real surroundings. Users can interact and explore this new amazing world.

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AR Space

Positioning virtual 3D content in the real world

Ideal for social events, marketing campaigns. Suitable for viewing products or creating viral trend on social media.

AR Portal

Opening a doorway lead to virtual dimensions which can be explored by moving phone

Ideal for immersive branding marketing, especially for real estate, interior design or media. Enable to interact with real life activities: walking, looking around. discovering..


AR Space - AR World is a perfect combination when used with AR Geo Location to maximize business benefit.

AR Space - AR World

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AR Geo Location photo

AR Geo Location

How AR/VR helps industries

Learn how businesses apply AR/VR to their journeys in the studies below. Every magical things here can be found at Marvy's services.


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