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"A successful game is when the players got their hands on it, and talk about it for months with joy."

Khang Bui (Co-Founder of Marvy Co.)

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Games are not only for entertainment but the right implementation in brands' marketing strategy, branded-mini games effectively boost awareness and engagement, even build a large community.

Gamified Marketing - a long term strategy
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Augmented Reality (AR) Game

Platform(s): Mobile App (iOS, Android), Website, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)

What is an AR Game?

  • AR Game is a new trendy type of game with fascinating experience when using the user's surroundings to create a game environment while integrating AR art into eye-catching 3D graphics for real-life interaction. Marvy can develop AR Games and link the GPS into it bringing an enjoyable experience for users when virtual content can appear in any location on the map or right where they are.

Reasons to choose AR Game:

  • Multiple concepts to develop the game
  • Bring an amusing experience for customers
  • Can be utilize in marketing and communication activities, approach target customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Raise awareness for brands’ reputation

Casual Game - Marketing Mini Game

Platform(s): Website (Microsite, Landing Page, Ecommerce site), Mobile App (iOS, Android)

What is a Casual Game - Marketing Mini Game?

  • An old method but in a new form of attracting users, Casual Game - Marketing Mini-Game are small games with simple rules for users to be both entertained and interact with businesses/brands like Lucky Wheel, Lottery, Lac Xi,... Easy integration on different platforms Marvy can develop several unique games to suit the purpose and needs of the business and create new experiences for customers with their products/services.

Reasons to choose Casual Game - Marketing Mini Game:

  • Easy to develop on multiple platforms
  • Increase the number of downloading app, website traffic.
  • Support the Mouth-to-mouth marketing method
  • Bring joyful, encourage the curiosity and desire to explore of users
  • A new way to both entertain and collect gifts for customers like promotion code, loyal customer badge,...

Mobile game

Platform(s): Mobile App (iOS, Android)

What is a Mobile game?

  • Mobile Games are developed on mobile devices for users to download and install easily then play the game directly without connecting to other devices. Marvy can develop and code this type of game with different concepts and outstanding designs based on customers' requirements. Since then, creating entertainment products that attract users thanks to the fascinating storyline.

Facebook AR Game - Face Filter Ads

Platform(s): Facebook, Instagram

What are Facebook AR Game - Face Filter Ads?

  • A combination of AR Game and AR Face Filter to develop a new type of advertising, it can be published on many social platforms. Marvy can design a filter applied AR technology and allows the gamification factors display on users face. Also, the facial movements will be developed by Marvy to let them freely interact and control the game.

Reasons to choose Facebook AR Game - Face Filter Ads:

  • Easy to execute and apply
  • No require to download new app or connect to other devices
  • Unique design with branding theme for business
  • Increase brand awareness on social media
  • Possibility to become viral

Facebook Playable Ads

Platform(s): Facebook, Instagram

What are Playable Ads?

  • Liven up your advertisement with Playable Ads, a new trend of advertising and allows target audiences to interact with your brands. It is a way to attract users via sponsored ads display on News Feed attached gamification factors, and they can freely experience it. Marvy usually suggests this solution for businesses to increase app downloading and provide more interaction with their advertisements.

Reason to choose Playable Ads:

  • A solution to increase app downloading
  • Stimulate curiosity and encourage users to learn more about their brand
  • Approach customers within an interesting way, help the brand spread the brand awareness and increase users’ experiences.
  • Create a strong attraction to users and great success for marketing performances.
  • Applicable for variety of industries

Facebook’s Story Swipe-up Ads

Platform(s): Facebook, Instagram

What are Swipe-up Ads?

  • Similar to Playable Ads, Swipe-up Ads is a way to advertise and allows users to interact with the gamification elements which is developed by Marvy. Swipe-up Ads is displayed in Story function of Facebook/Instagram and operates like Playable Ads

Reasons to choose Swipe-up Ads:

  • Stimulate curiosity and encourage users to learn more about their brand
  • Increase the conversion rate from viewers to users, increase app downloading
  • Easy to approach target audiences thanks to Story function
  • Create a strong attraction to users and great success for marketing performances
  • Applicable for variety of industries

Facebook Instant Game

Platform(s): Facebook

What is an Instant Game?

  • A type of game that developed on Facebook and allows users to both play and interact with friends online. These games do not require users to download other apps or take time to search for the right name and wait for installation. With Instant Game, users just simply chose the game and played it instantly on their Facebook.

Creativity & Imagination Reality

Why Us

  1. Design the most impressive and suitable Art concept for your Brand..
  2. Abundant ideas for AR Game, Casual Game...
  3. Plenty Tech trends catching from our team.
  4. You get all the most effective technologies for Digital Marketing in just one Agency.

Working Process

1. Listen and Understand Requirement.

2. Analyse and Consult.

3. List Function and Feature.

4. Prototype.

5. Game Development.

6. Testing and Quality Assurance.

7. Deployment.

8. Support and Maintenance.

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