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How to apply AR VR into Cosmetic industry

AR VR in Cosmetic industry

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The cosmetic industry has a high proportion of sales growth, the number of paid cosmetics and skin-care products is increasing everyday. But here’s a problem, the "trying cosmetic experience" for online customers seems impossible? Are online descriptions of products enough for customers to buy the right ones?

Now AR (Augmented Reality) has provided the best solution for the cosmetic industry, that solves the problem by AR Filter and more just on their smartphones. Customers can "try" and “test" the products, experience every cosmetic’s colors right on their faces, and “check” the real shape or design of the beauty products. Your brand can use AR as a tool to support many marketing strategies of your business.

1. AR Business Card

Augmented Reality business cards has opened the new era and become the evolved version of traditional cards, with the essence of Augmented Reality, your business card is no longer a "small piece paper with tiny information", but a versatile tool that brings much more practical benefits.

  • AR business cards make a strong impression on customers by its creativity and originality.
  • AR can display your store on map, announce about promotions, events, your brand products or showcase new products, and change multiple languages...
  • Highlight and increase your brand recognition.
  • Show all the important information about your products and your brand stories that you want to convey to customers by AR business card.

Marvy Co.’s AR for printing publications is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand.

2. Packaging

The packaging in the cosmetic industry is always designed to be eye-catching and so trendy to attract women. On the packaging of every lipstick color, there are reference pictures for that color, minimized the ingredients, information, description so that the packaging's design is not affected. Is it enough to compete in the industry that customers need the authenticity to buy the products? AR packaging will solve this problem.

  • Using a smartphone to scan the packaging, customers will access the information that your brand wants to put in your packaging. Customers can preview the product by testing colors on the model's lips. In addition, it has the ability to incorporate more information, ingredients, instructions, in many forms such as text, images or videos, just by scanning the packaging.
  • Customers can join minigames of campaigns, events,... And feel more deeply connected with products, they will be more interested in campaigns and events.
  • AR can tell your brand’s vivid stories just by packaging: Display images, 3D models video, information, messages,...
  • AR creates the spiritual value of your product's packaging, by the interaction between your customers and the packaging.

Marvy Co. provides a multitude of AR printing publications and products in general. Marvy Team will propose to your brand the latest creative ideas, not only creating a unique AR in visuals, with full of functions, but also following closely with your brand’s desire and target.

3. Poster, Banner, Magazine and other prints

In the beauty industry, printing is an important factor in marketing campaigns and communication. With AR (Augmented Reality), all the content will attach to the print publications such as, visit card, poster, magazine, leaflet… The content will be displayed in images, 3D models, videos, audio,... Turn your every print come to life and help your brand convey message or your brand's story to the customers.

  • Provide your customers with useful and creative technology products.
  • AR creates a highlight for your brand name, increases customer recognition and helps your brand stand out in the market.
  • Integrate videos, images, minigames with promotions to encourage customers to purchase.
  • Directly and emotionally send information and messages to your customers.

Marvy Co.’s AR for printing publications is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand.

4. AR Filter - Try-on Makeup Online


The color of cosmetic products is the biggest barrier for your brand to increase the online sales. Customers always wonder if the color of cosmetics matches their skin tone, suits their outfits, whether the lipstick color matches their eyeshadow palettes or their blush at home? AR Try On helps your customers to experience your brand's products wherever they are. Your customers who buy online can interact and choose the exact color of cosmetics that suit themselves, with the AR Filters are on Facebook Ads, Website or Mobile App.

  •  Products can apply AR Filter try-on: Contact lens, mascara, eyebrow liner, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow...
  •  This is a great sales tool for online business, or Digital Marketing campaigns, that encourage customers to share on social media to increase your brand awareness.
  •  No more geographical barriers, wherever your customers are, they can “try” cosmetics by AR Filters in advance.
  •  Encourage your customer to take videos and selfies with beautiful, attractive AR cosmetic filters, and share them on their social media.
  •  Easily create trends to promote products, as well as expanding your brand name in the market.

Similar to Filter on Facebook, Instagram, Marvy Co. will create realistic effects of lipstick color, eyeshadow, blush and all forms of cosmetics with true colors, shades and diverse designs depending on your brand requirement. Professional design team from Marvy Co. focuses on designing cosmetic filters with eye-catching, trendy and creative effects, suitable for branding purposes.

5. AR IN STORE - Virtual live makeup screen

Attracting more customers comes to your store by a useful tool, AR Screen in store, or you can call “the magic Mirror", will support your customers in choosing a variety of cosmetics suitable for their face and skin color,... With AR Screen your brand can also arrange some AR Minigames for customers to experience in store to win vouchers, coupons for purchase incentives.

  • Creating a hot trend, attracting more customers to your store, increasing the interaction from your customers.
  • Time-saving for your staff.
  • Customers can try lipstick, eyeshadow, blush... without removing make-up many times, with AR Screen there's no affecting their lips color, and they will have the result in higher color accuracy.
  • Customers can quickly make buying decisions when experiencing a variety of products by AR.
  • Increase the professionalism of the store and make your brand name stand out in the market.

Marvy Co. will bring the most unique AR In Store experience to your customers and bring practical benefits to your business goals in the cosmetic industry. Our tech team will give you advice and support both screen software and hardware, and our deployment team will propose new and attractive ideas for your store to ensure the best efficiency for the project.

6. AR Portal - The magic room

AR Portal creates a multi-dimensional space for customers to visit your store with just a Smartphone, even if they are at home or anywhere. Take your customers to another world or any environment that your brand wants them to experience, through the "Magic Door" in the digital age.

  • Interacting with customers all over the world, bringing to them a true "shopping" experience when they are not able to go to the store.
  • AR helps every marketing campaign become more interesting to your customers, by conveying full product information in many forms such as videos, textual content, 3D model...
  • Encourage customers to pay faster and more conveniently, when they experience many products at the same time with their phones.
  • Increase online sales from many places that don't have branch stores.

Your brand will be extremely satisfied with “the Magic Door” from Marvy Co., our professional team will come to see your store and propose the best AR Portal options for your project.

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