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How to apply AR VR into Education industry

AR VR in Education industry

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AR (Augmented Reality) has become an effective learning method in many countries around the world, this is a helpful tool to support students by displaying specific pictures, sounds, examples from students' books and learning programs to the virtual experience. Helping students increase interactivity, be more interested in learning, and the most important thing is acquiring the knowledge easilier, saving more time when learning a lesson, and having the opportunity to practice right on virtual models.

AR can support in teaching the abstract and difficult knowledge, turning them into 3D models that make it easier to learn. AR has the potential to replace paper textbooks, physical models, posters, manuals in the near future. This technology also provides inexpensive and portable learning materials. Therefore, education becomes more accessible and mobile, no more complicated tools.

1. AR Business Card

Augmented Reality business cards has opened the new era and become the evolved version of traditional cards, with the essence of Augmented Reality, your business card is no longer a "small piece paper with tiny information", but a versatile tool that brings much more practical benefits.

  • AR business cards make a strong impression on customers by its creativity and originality.
  • AR can display your store on map, announce about promotions, events, your brand products or showcase new products, and change multiple languages...
  • Highlight and increase your brand recognition.
  • Show all the important information about your products and your brand stories that you want to convey to customers by AR business card.

Marvy Co.’s AR for printing publications is a diversified array invested in detail for each product. With the pioneering passion, we want to lead the community and every brand in Vietnam to experience the most excellent and affordable AR printings. Contact Marvy Co. today to have the high technology AR visit card that contains static content, and which is a tool that brings outstanding convenience to you and your brand.

2. AR Book, AR Flashcard

Augmented reality (AR) is a bridge to connect the traditional physical products and modern methods in the digital age. People can scan the prints with their smartphones, and they will see the presenting of 3D models, 2D images, videos, sounds, information thanks to AR. Users can always experience the variety of virtual content, wherever they are and at any time.

  • Helping children "learning while playing",a healthy and easy to remember longer method, thanks to the vivid feature of AR.
  • Readers can interact with book covers, expanded illustration content, etc., to improve reading experience.
  • Increasing interest in learning and reading, encouraging children's creativity, improving their memory and lasting knowledge.
  • Turn smartphones and tablets into effective tools for learning and expanding knowledge.

Marvy Co.’s design team creates 2D graphics and 3D models that are vivid in every detail. And our tech team with strong experience in the AR / VR industry, we ensure to develop the high performance and most advanced AR books and AR flashcards.

3. AR Education For Kids

AR For Kids is a combination of education and entertainment, children will gain excitement in learning and get more knowledge while playing. Augmented Reality (AR) helps to display 3D models, images, information, effects... in real environment, when using their phones or tablets to scan books, posters, coloring books,... For example, when scanning the galaxy card, children can interact with various 3D models of planets moving around the sun, when they select a planet, detailed information, audio interpretations, descriptions, and images of the planet will be displayed.


  • AR For Kids helps children to learn the basics and increase many abilities such as problem solving, creation, team working and how to flexibly answer questions, as well as complete tasks in AR like homework but more fun.
  • Turn smartphones and tablets into useful tools for children's brain development, help parents feel more secure and comfortable when their children use technology devices.
  • There are many studies proving that applying AR in teaching can increase children’s learning motivation, ability to focus, absorb and deepen knowledge than traditional teaching methods.
  • A step forward in education - entertainment, helps educated brands create their own impression in the market, when having a product that has spiritual value.

Because children are curious and attentive to even the smallest details such as color, movement, effect... So Marvy Co. creates professional 3D models and motion graphics that are beautiful and colorful in many aspects. In addition, Marvy Co. Make sure that information, images, videos in AR will be easily accessible and relevant to the children.

4. AR Education for Highschool student

AR (Augmented Reality) can support for Education, such as having students stand in the trenches of the Dien Bien Phu war in 1972, or being able to observe in detail the internal organs of a frog's viscera in 3D models, turning the classroom into a real museum. Just by using their smartphones to scan, they can enjoy the information, images, 3D models in dynamic perspectives of AR.

  • With this AR way of learning, students can interact and practice with every lesson, helping them to remember longer because of the impressive simulation and advanced properties of AR.
  • Students will relate to the lessons more deeply and practically.
  • The fascination of AR’s performance helps students relieve the pressures, remember easily and memorize difficult lessons for a long time.
  • Students can study and do homework flexibly wherever they are.

Marvy Co. wants to bring to Vietnam education the benefits that AR has contributed to education worldwide. With our professional tech team and creative design team, after receiving documents and information from the school, Marvy Co. will advise the most suitable AR for each subject's purposes and properties.

5. AR Education for University

Universities - colleges are where teachers can not closely tutor each student, with thick advanced textbooks, complex knowledge, so most of the students' scores depend on self-study and group study. Most students get overwhelmed by the self-study time they spend. It is even more difficult when many subjects don’t have physical models for students to experience or practice, so they only study by textbooks and videos. AR (Augmented Reality) will solve these problems, as well as improving student's learning efficiency. At this time, AR is also an education solution in many famous universities and colleges in the world.

  • AR brings the most realistic and detailed 3D models into the real world, from the human body in the medical industry, to the hardest detailed technology equipment... Accordingly, information and images are displayed while the student is interacting with AR.
  • AR helps break down the barriers in language, culture and geographic, opens up the learning and communication opportunities for all students and also teachers around the world.
  • Save time for each subject and improve student learning efficiency.
  • AR helps group studying become more effective, exciting and enjoyable.
  • Easily integrate to AR new information that the university wants to add in teaching.

Marvy Co. provides high performance AR for universities and colleges. The universities and colleges not only have the most advanced teaching methods and solutions, but also receive greater values ​​such as average improvement in student scores, and reputation in the community.

6. AR in each Subjects

AR can provide a library of knowledge in all subjects and fields, presenting realistic and vivid 3D models, images, notes, descriptions and explanations, inserting effects, videos and audio. Support for the learning and teaching process, AR makes them easier, saves time, and improves students' ability to memorize.

AR in some subjects:

  • Explore Spatial Geometry by rotating 3D geometric models and seeing clearly in different dimensions, or viewing the 3D model from within. Helps them easier to learn and increases students' ability to think in space.
  • In Biology, students can observe 3D models of butterfly or insects’ life circles, from the time it is a larva and all its lifetime. Simulates active heart, brain and body parts in 3D models. AR will help students acquire high knowledge but still feel entertaining, and make an unforgettable impression on each student.
  • Students can view 3D models of the most complex objects, such as in Physics, they can see in 3D the entire solar system, from core to shell, reinterpret the big bang theory from more than 13 billion years ago. AR makes physics more interesting, attracting to even those who were afraid of this subject.

7. AR in Classroom

Using AR in the classroom can improve students’ studying and practicing, students can learn more about media, content creation, and presentation skills.

In addition, students can do self-learning by using their smartphones or tablets to experience AR. AR in the classroom is a great opportunity for students learning about creation, technology, and inspiring them to get more interested in learning. And AR in the classroom can bring a lot of benefits for students of all ages.

8. AR For Training

In training, there will be much difference between learning in a textbook and learning in real life. AR is rapidly becoming an attractive option for experiential learning. With AR, trainees can observe and learn all the details in real life. AR also helps retail staff to learn quicklier about their company's products or services, just use their phones and scan the product, then they can immediately get training about it by AR. And of course trainees can learn with AR exactly like learning with the trainers.

  • AR presents every detail inside the devices as the most realistic and detailed 3D models, helps trainees learn about every part and how to assemble them. The information and images will be displayed while trainees interact with AR.
  • Be able to change the language, insert audio, captions, notes... AR can help trainees to learn in many useful ways.
  • Help shorten the training process, but still get the high quality of training.

Although the hardware’s structure and detail are really complex, Marvy Co. still creates the most comprehensive and useful AR for training. Aim for the detail of 3D models from the outside to the core. We ensure to bring the best quality internal products to your business.

6. VR in Education

When students read or study something, they usually want to experience it realistically rather than just reading the text or illustrations, they need to see many topics as possible. With topics related to geography, history or culture, VR provides the most authentic sense of where and when it happened, VR brings to students the interesting knowledge and great experience than just reading about it.

VR is an advanced training solution in many fields such as military, engineering or medical. For example, VR in the automotive industry can include fully functional information for each part of the vehicle, and VR instructions for customers, how to install every part. Virtual Reality can take the teaching and learning experience in medicine to a whole new level. With a VR camera, the surgeons can stream their surgeries that allow students to actually see what's going on in the operating room by using VR glasses.

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