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World's First "Bone-Connected" AI Technology Experience with Pediasure

Recently, Pediasure introduced the campaign "Growing Tall with Dreams," marking the debut of a groundbreaking "bone-connected" AI technology project globally. This AI technology has garnered significant attention and recognition from tech industry leaders.


Scope of Work

  • - Game Development
  • - Backend Development

Campaign Results

As of the current moment, the campaign has achieved impressive metrics:

  • 200,000 website visits

Key message 

With the aim of helping mothers understand that the innocent drawings of children are their way of expressing the desire to grow taller and achieve their dreams, even if those drawings are still in a rudimentary stage. Marvy spent months researching and experimenting with using AI to animate these drawings. Eventually, after overcoming numerous challenges, the campaign unveiled the future dreams of children on September 25th, garnering the participation and acceptance of hundreds of Vietnamese children.

Usage steps

The target audience for the game is children aged 10 and below, so the game interface and experience have been designed to be simple, understandable, and prioritizing visually appealing and cute images to replace text. This ensures that children can easily navigate and experience the game without interruptions.

  • Clear instructions in the text allow parents to easily accompany their children in the "Growing Tall Dream Drawing" challenge.
  • The interface design with lively and attractive colors and images stimulates children's creativity.
  • The "bone-connected" process is simple yet yields unique and creative results.
  • The simple coloring interface allows even young children to participate.


Motion animations from videos are integrated into the system and can be adjusted according to the campaign's purpose.

User Interface 

The "Growing Tall with Kids" campaign enables mothers to upload drawings or colored images from the web. To participate in the challenge, mothers only need to follow these steps:

Option 1: Upload Child's Drawing

  • Access the provided link.
  • Select "Upload Child's Drawing."
  • Child draws a character on a white paper (clearly showing all body parts) for system recognition.
  • Mother helps child take a photo of the drawing with a phone (capturing all body parts) and clicks "Submit."
  • Mother helps adjust the bone frame to fit the character and selects "Finish."
  • Enter complete information including phone number for OTP, parent's name, location, child's name and age.
  • Click "Continue" to upload the video for verification.

Option 2: Color a Pre-made Image

  • Access the provided link.
  • Select "Color a Pre-made Image."
  • Mother helps child choose a favorite character to color.
  • Child colors the image and clicks "Finish" when done.
  • Mother helps adjust the bone frame to fit the character and selects "Finish."
  • Enter complete information including phone number for OTP, parent's name, location, child's name and age.
  • Click "Continue" to upload the video for verification.

Prize Winners

In the first week alone, the "Growing Tall with Dreams" challenge received hundreds of entries with adorable dream drawings submitted to Pediasure's fan page. Each week, Pediasure selects and awards 60 lucky children with attractive and special prizes. Alongside the prizes, the greatest value is that children experience the fascinating transformation of their drawings into lively, tall, and radiant characters.

Prize distribution rules and winner lists are updated directly on the challenge website and Pediasure's fan page.

AI Technology on Webapp

  • Utilizes AI to detect the bone structure of characters.
  • Implements AI algorithms to add motion to characters.
  • Automates the "bone-connected" process from images to dynamic videos, creating a unique and special experience for users.
  • Programs special movements for characters, making them dance, lively, and exciting.
  • Develops a CMS system to manage participants and winners on a weekly/quarterly/monthly basis.

Pioneers in elevating Vietnam's tech industry on a global scale

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is one of the most significant technological breakthroughs in the modern era. With its learning and adaptive capabilities, AI has immense potential and profound impact on various aspects of life and the economy.

The world's first "bone-connected" AI technology has paved the way for Vietnam to step onto the global stage, closer to tech powerhouses like the United States, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. The success of this project contributes to Vietnam's progress, and Marvy takes great pride in being a part of creating this AI technology. The Marvy and Pediasure teams dedicated months of research and experimentation to bring about the current innovative and delightful experience.

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