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Experience 3 regions of Vietnam with filter from Acecook Pho De Nhat

Traveling across Vietnam during quarantine with AR filter from Acecook Vietnam

On August 26, Acecook Vietnam's Pho De Nhat brand launched the campaign "Trải nghiệm filter Phở Đệ Nhất, mở khóa trúng voucher cực thích" on the Instagram.For this campaign, the brand utilized AR Face Filter, creating an adventure for customers in the current state of perpetuated quarantine.


Scope of Work

  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter


AR face tracking development

Face retouch layer


AR face tracking technology:

When the user faces the front camera to take a selfie, their real world surroundings will turn into the scene of ancient Hanoi, dreamy Hue, modern Saigon or homely home.

With the application of facial tracking technology, users can interact by opening their mouth to "inhale" the bowl of Pho De Nhat and closing their mouth to return the bowl of pho back to its original position.


During the implementation of the project, the biggest challenge for Marvy was to optimize the border around the user to most effectively separate the person from the background while still limiting shaking. Besides, ensuring the stability of the filter for most mobile devices is also a difficulty.

How to experience AR Face Filter:

B1: Go to your Instagram account phodenhat.official

B2: Go to the filter section of Acecook Vietnam

B3: Experience AR filter


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