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AR Event Invitation Card From Edelweiss

"Snow Beer" Edelweiss sent unique event invitations to customers with AR technology.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - WebAR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Image Tracking

Ideas and concept 

Edelweiss through the AR invitation card left a strong impression on the guests attending the company's internal events. By incorporating the image of a snowy mountain into the AR invitation, Marvy Co. has succeeded in conveying the characteristics of Edelweiss snow beer, while creating a fresh and cool style like the design of the products from the brand. The snow mountain also represents the Edelweiss flower which is always covered in snow. However, it blooms when the snow melts, and this is also the logo of this beer company.


AR Image Tracking for Edelweiss Event Invitation 

AR Image Tracking is integrated into many types of print publications such as business cards, posters, etc. In addition, businesses can also use this technology to deploy other campaigns such as: introducing products and services, brand story, and branding,... During the Edelweiss event, Marvy applied this technology to the invitation card in order to help the brand leave a deep impression on the guests.


Platform: Web AR

  • Allow users to use it directly on the web without downloading the app. 
  • Besides, the project is implemented on the Web AR platform to increase compatibility with most mobile devices as well as help guests experience AR technology in the most comfortable and easiest way.


Web AR development

  • Edelweiss event invitations are integrated with many interesting features such as allowing users to watch Edelweiss videos as well as being able to choose a title and enter the name of the guest.
  • Guests will have the experience to see their name, agenda, and location displayed at the bottom of the card.
  • In particular, the "replay" and "download" features help guests have more options when entering information
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