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“NGHIÊNG CHIỀU NÀO - VUI CHIỀU ĐÓ” with AR Filter of Tuborg!

Recently, Tuborg stirred up the lively July with the AR Filter “NGHIÊNG CHIỀU NÀO - VUI CHIỀU ĐÓ” ready to lean into new, surprising, and opportunity-filled fun moments, along with the chance to snag some "awesome" prizes.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Idea & Concept

As a brand associated with fresh perspectives, Tuborg delivers the message “NGHIÊNG CHIỀU NÀO - VUI CHIỀU ĐÓ” encouraging young people to change their viewpoint. In doing so, life becomes filled with joyful experiences. With the goal of inspiring and spreading positive messages, Tuborg encourages young people to boldly pursue their passions, be ready for unexpected adventures, and not miss out on moments of fun. Tuborg has launched a series of campaigns to liven up the summer season, starting off impressively with an AR Face Filter app minigame to capture the fun moments of players with Tuborg beer bottles.


Campaign Result

Bowing down to the delightful moments of creativity, the AR mini-game “NGHIÊNG CHIỀU NÀO - VUI CHIỀU ĐÓ” attracted the participation of thousands of homies from all corners of the country. They demonstrated outstanding Tuborg scores to snatch up enticing prizes. Additionally, the mini-game was widely shared and promoted on Facebook through posts from KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and fans. These posts garnered a multitude of interactions and comments from the community. Homies also had the opportunity to join the mini-game and receive gifts directly at the EDM festival WATERA 2023, the number one event of its kind in Vietnam.


UX/UI Design

The gameplay is designed to be suitable for a wide range of users and is also conducive to group play. Leveraging AR Face Tracking technology in combination with photo capturing techniques, players have 10 seconds to sequentially align their face and a Tuborg beer bottle within four clockman frames that appear around the frame. The clockman frames will randomly appear in different positions each time, creating an element of delightful surprise for players. Notably, the clockman only pauses for 2.5 seconds at each position, demanding players to be agile and quick in order to "tilt" the correct Tuborg bottle into the clockman frame. 


Furthermore, this AR game is embodied by the clockman frames, directly inspired by the shape of the main logo. As a result, players will easily associate them with Tuborg beer bottles. Another distinctive feature is the dominant green color present in all gameplay scenes, which has become a hallmark of the brand and evokes the origin of this beer.

UI Design (User Interface):

  • Prioritize a vertical interface familiar to smartphone users.
  • Details such as the clockman frames, background, and colors all carry the Tuborg brand's distinctive colors and imagery.
  • Focus on exploiting the unique and impressive gameplay with elements of randomness and intense timing, demanding quick thinking and dexterity from players when experiencing AR.
  • Integrate lively, energetic sound effects to heighten the excitement and intensity of the game.
  • Incorporate various randomly embedded messages to bring a sense of novelty, uniqueness, and prevent user boredom.

UX Design 

  • Users access the AR filter link to open the Facebook camera.
  • Players press "record to start" to initiate the Clockman countdown timer of 10 seconds.
  • Within the 10-second timeframe, four clockman frames will appear randomly at any position and move around the player's frame. The player must do everything possible to "Tilt" the Tuborg bottle towards the clockman frame to take a picture.
  • After the time is up, the four Clockman frames will capture the player's image along with corresponding slogans such as "NGHIÊNG HẾT MÌNH - VUI HẾT SỨC”, “NGHIÊNG CHUNG SỨC - VUI HẾT MỨC”, “NGHIÊNG TỐI ĐA - VUI THẢ GA”, “NGHIÊNG CÀNG NGHIÊNG - VUI CÀNG VUI”. 

AR Programming

  • Programming AR Face Tracking technology on the Facebook platform involves using AR technology to capture the player's interactions with virtual content, preserving these moments.
  • Programming includes features for random appearance in various positions on the screen.
  • Optimizing the design and animation of 2D graphics into the AR environment is crucial, ensuring that when customers experience it, it meets requirements for image, color, and space.
  • Integration of MP3 files into the AR environment creates lively sound effects, enhancing the excitement of the game.

In conclusion

The distinctive feature of AR Face Tracking in this mini-game, compared to others, is that it doesn't limit the number of players at once. The challenge becomes even more enjoyable when you play with friends, capturing humorous moments that bring laughter and add an extra element of fun to parties. Tuborg has generously invested in enticing rewards to attract and stimulate the curiosity of customers, with the motto "Đồng nghiêng" hội tụ, vũ trụ nào cũng vui!” So, don't hesitate to join in and experience an explosive and joyful summer with Tuborg!


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