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Strike a pose and capture your check-in moments at VinWonders with the AR Wonder Summer filters!

As part of VinWonders' summer activities lineup, Marvy has undertaken the Wonder Summer project, incorporating AR World Tracking technology. This technology enables users to check-in and capture their most splendid moments alongside distinctive 3D characters at each VinWonders branch through the WonderHunt series.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Space - AR World

Idea & Concept

Based on the VinWonders concept, Marvy has designed charming and vibrant 3D graphics of characters to evoke a sense of closeness for a diverse range of visitors when they come to VinWonders.

At each VinWonders branch, including VinWonders Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Times City, different characters such as Princess Tata, Monta Monkey, Tuka the Parrot, Alice, and Snow White will appear in the filters. Additionally, even customers who haven't visited VinWonders can still check-in anywhere with the specially designed VinWonders filter.

Visitors can unleash their creativity and strike poses with each AR filter at various VinWonders branches:

  • VinWonders Nha Trang: Princess Tata waving hello and shouldering a spear, Monta Monkey raising both hands in greeting, and Tuka the Parrot flying gracefully around.


  • VinWonders Phu Quoc: Princess Snow White waving hello, Alice from Wonderland knee-bending in greeting, and the White Rabbit from Wonderland shaking a pocket watch.


  • VinWonders Hoi An: Princess Tata waving hello, Alice from Wonderland knee-bending in greeting, and the White Rabbit from Wonderland shaking a pocket watch.


  • VinWonders Times City: A couple of penguins moving forward, two friendly turtles passing by, and two white sharks swimming around.


  • Filter designed for customers who haven't visited VinWonders: A couple of swaying flamingos and two monkeys swinging from a lantern-lit canopy.

By utilizing the fascinating AR World Tracking technology, all visitors to VinWonders can check-in and capture photos anywhere with the VinWonders characters.

UX/UI Design

Marvy ensures accuracy and consistency in content while maintaining the visual appeal and attractiveness of the imagery.

UX Design (User Experience)

  • Users access the AR filter link to open the Facebook AR camera;
  • Users tap on the screen to select a space for AR to appear and can zoom in or out according to their preference;
  • Users can rotate or take photos with the AR filter.


The screen displays instructions on how to use the AR filter


Users can select the position and zoom in on AR images


Users have the capability to rotate, zoom in and out, and capture photos with AR images

UI Design (User Interface)

  • Prioritizing a user-friendly vertical interface for smartphone users.
  • Designing interface with a variety of colors and landscapes that align with the client's preferences.
  • Focusing on high-quality imagery is paramount to ensuring user-friendly interactions and a seamless AR experience.

3D Model

Princess Tata

Marvy team has constructed the 3D model of Princess Tata based on the provided design, striving to imbue her movements with the utmost vitality.

Through actions like waving, shouldering a spear, Princess Tata appears as a spirited and courageous woman, ready to fight for the protection of the land and to preserve peace for all species. Visitors can now capture these memorable moments alongside Princess Tata using the AR filters at VinWonders Nha Trang and Vincom.

3D model of Princess Tata

Monta Monkey

With a mission to become a companion to the younger generations of Vietnam, Monta Monkey is designed based on the prototype of the white-thighed langur - a rare and endemic species in Vietnam. This creature embodies the distinct virtues that are characteristic of Vietnamese: intelligence, kindness, happiness, agility, resourcefulness, and humor.

Drawing upon Monta's unique characteristics, Marvy team has programmed the friendly 3D model of this monkey to have a warm smile and enthusiastically wave, fully prepared to be the steadfast companion for every guest visiting VinWonders.

3D model of Monta Monkey

Tuka the parrot

As one of Princess Tata's dearest companions, Tuka the Parrot emerges with an adorable pink and purple feather, accentuated by a vibrant orange tail, a signature feature of the Land of Myriad Blooms.

Crafted skillfully and meticulously by Marvy, the 3D Tuka Parrot model boasts a rounded, appealing appearance with graceful flying motions across the sky, aimed at delivering the most authentic experience for all VinWonders visitors.

3D model of Tuka the parrot

Alice from Alice’s in Wonderland

The young and mischievous-spirited Alice, with her childlike wonder, has been meticulously modeled by the Marvy team to closely match the original design, resulting in natural body movements.

Through endearing actions like creating a heart with her hands on her head and gracefully knee-bending to greet the guests, the image of young Alice comes to life with authenticity and vibrancy. She stands ready to capture cherished moments in photos alongside visitors at VinWonders, embodying her delightful and enchanting persona.

3D model of Alice from Alice’s in Wonderland

Princess Snow White

Embedded in the childhood memories of children worldwide, Princess Snow White is one of the princesses set to make appearances in VinWonders' AR filters.

As a friendly and approachable princess, Snow White has been faithfully recreated by the Marvy team with gentle movements like graceful steps and waving gestures to greet visitors. This portrayal has made her one of the most beloved princesses among VinWonders' visitors, capturing the hearts of all who encounter her in the AR experience.

3D model of Princess Snow White 

White Rabbit 

Designed based on the White Rabbit from Alice's Wonderland, the 3D White Rabbit model is meticulously crafted with all the original character details from the movie.

Every tiny element, such as the pocket watch, the umbrella, and the vest seamlessly integrated onto the White Rabbit, has been carefully programmed by the Marvy team. These programming efforts bring the movements of checking the pocket watch, the hopping of the hind legs, and the natural swaying of the arms to life, achieving the utmost authenticity and realism possible.

3D model of the White Rabbit in Alice’s in Wonderland

Additionally, there are various other 3D models created and programmed by Marvy team for VinWonders' AR filters, including penguins, white sharks, turtles, and more.

AR Development

  • Utilizing AR World Tracking technology, the AR system displays images on a plane with just a single touch. 
  • It incorporates features such as rotation, movement of AR models, and the ability to adjust their size – catering to the specific preferences of customers.
  • The programming ensures optimal quality for each 3D model, guaranteeing that the AR experience meets requirements for visuals, colors, and spatial accuracy when customers interact with it.


In VinWonders' Wonder Summer campaign, the AR Filter stands out as a highlight within the campaign's activities. Modern AR World Tracking technology has been employed to create a unique check-in experience for visitors to VinWonders, in addition to establishing a strong connection between visitors and the characters within the VinWonders amusement park.

The AR filter serves not only as a simple check-in tool but also as a way to craft a novel and creatively engaging entertainment experience for brands. Contact Marvy Co. today to receive consultation on technologies that align with your company's brand.

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