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Choose Your Message with AR Filter from L'Oréal Paris

Recently, L'Oréal Paris collaborated with Marvy Co. to convey the message "Women's success - It's not about luck, it's about taking action!" using AR Hand Tracking technology, allowing users to choose the message for themselves.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modelling and Animation
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter


 Idea and Concept

With an unique concept, women no longer need to rely on rolling dice to receive luck while holding their own destiny in their hands. L'Oréal Paris skillfully transformed the meaning of dice, from a symbol of chance, into an icon that honors the success of women, which stems from relentless effort and perseverance.

Therefore, through this campaign, L'Oréal Paris has partnered with successful and influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from diverse fields to convey a message that encourages users to have confidence in themselves, be proud of their talents and efforts.

In this collaboration, Marvy Co. supported L'Oréal Paris in implementing AR Hand Tracking technology with a 6-sided dice attached, featuring specially designed messages, providing an unprecedented and exciting experience for the players.

 UI/UX Design


  • Create a familiar interface for smartphone users.

  • Design user interface meticulously featuring the dominant colors of L'Oréal Paris, which are White and Red.

  • Focus on developing visually appealing images and delivering valuable messages to ensure that users can easily navigate and have an immersive AR experience.


  • Users access the AR filter link to open the Facebook camera.

  • The screen displays the themed background of the Chính Nữ 2023 campaign and the slogan "It's not about luck, it's about taking action."

  • Users tap the record button to start the AR experience.

  • The dice rotates when users bring their palm forward.

  • To choose the desired message, users need to hold their palm steady to stop the dice from rotating.

AR Programming

  • Using AR Hand Tracking technology, the AR system recognizes hand gestures and basic movements such as bringing the palm forward or holding the palm steady, allowing users to interact with virtual content.

  • The programming is designed in a modern and personalized style, representing the image of the Chính Nữ of L'Oréal Paris.

  • Features such as rotation, pause, and resizing of the AR model are available to meet the needs of customers.

  • The programming ensures optimized quality for each 3D model, guaranteeing that the AR experience meets the requirements for visuals, colors, and spatial aspects.

Marvy Co. has programmed the AR technology to recognize hand gestures. When users bring their palm forward, the dice will rotate, revealing different faces with corresponding messages. To select a message for themselves, users can hold their palm steady to stop the dice from rotating. They can also take a photo with the chosen message.


In the Chính Nữ campaign of L'Oréal Paris in 2023, AR Hand Tracking stands out among the various activities. This modern technology has been creatively applied to deeply connect the L'Oréal Paris brand with users, while significantly enhancing the effectiveness of inspiring messages for users.

The AR filter is not merely an advertising tool, but also a way to showcase the brand's creativity and its ability to embrace technology. Contact Marvy Co. today to receive advice on suitable technologies for your company's brand.


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