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Experience the "Play at Home, Grand Prizes Await" AR Filter with VinWonders!

Welcoming the summer of 2023, VinWonders has kicked off an exciting series of events with a minigame utilizing AR Ads and the technology of AR Face Tracking. The minigame "Wonder Summer" offers customers the chance to hunt for attractive prizes and, notably, the opportunity to win captivating trips to Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, and Hoi An.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - 2D Design
  • - AR Development
  • - Game Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Idea & Concept

Summer is the perfect time for families, loved ones, and friends to embark on memorable journeys. It's also an ideal occasion to explore life and preserve beautiful memories through outdoor activities. "Wonder Summer" minigame marks the beginning of VinWonders' summer celebration series, aiming to provide visitors with the opportunity to hunt for enticing voucher codes and, most importantly, appealing trips to VinWonders.

"Wonder Summer" employs AR Face Tracking technology, allowing users to transform into characters and control them by tilting their heads to collect valuable items in the game. This creates an incredibly engaging and convenient experience, making it easy for players to participate and enjoy the novelty of AR technology.

UX/UI Design

The gameplay is designed to be suitable for a diverse audience, including both children and adults, to offer a simple yet unique and enjoyable experience. Utilizing AR Immersive technology, players will feel like they are embodying characters on a waterslide in VinWonders water park.

The AR Immersive technology immerses players into the characters.

Furthermore, the in-game interface draws inspiration from VinWonders' iconic images, including fairy-tale castles, Ferris wheels, water slides, and many other distinctive elements. The game's color scheme is designed to reflect the freshness and vibrancy of summer, creating bright and lively colors.

Iconic VinWonders elements stand out in the game.

Prominently featured in the game are VinWonders' typography and adorable score-boosting items, realistically crafted from VinWonders' signature characters, such as the delicious Bubble Ice-Cream, the cute Monta monkey, the energetic Tuka parrot, the adorable white rabbit, the charming Teddy bear, and the graceful pink flamingo.

Signature characters represent the score.

UI Design (User Interface)

  • Prioritizes a familiar vertical interface for smartphone users.
  • Interface images are meticulously designed with summer's primary colors and draw inspiration from VinWonders' background and character set.
  • Focuses on developing imagery and conveying value messages to ensure users can easily interact and experience AR.

UX Design (User Experience)

  • Users access the AR filter link to open the Facebook camera.
  • Upon successful access, the initial interface appears with VinWonders' distinctive images as the background.
  • Users click "Start" to initiate the AR experience.
  • Players tilt their heads left and right to control the character's movement and collect score-boosting items.
  • After 30 seconds, the game ends, and the player's score is displayed (if the player scores 350 or higher, they win and receive an 88K VinWonders voucher; otherwise, they have to replay).

AR Technology Programming

  • Programs AR Face Tracking technology on the Facebook platform, utilizing facial recognition and facial motion to interact with virtual content.
  • Programs head segmentation to separate the player's head from the background, allowing players to tilt their heads to collect score-boosting items inspired by VinWonders' summer characters.
  • Programs score classification feature, requiring players with scores below the set threshold to replay from the beginning.
  • Optimizes the design and animation of 2D graphics in the AR environment to meet image, color, and spatial requirements during customer experiences.

AR Face Filter: A New Marketing Trend for Brands

In recent years, digital marketing has embraced a new trend, applying AR technology to marketing campaigns and allowing customers to interact and engage more closely with products.

Although AR Face Filters are a relatively recent trend, they offer significant benefits to brands, including:

  • Enhanced interaction: AR Face Filter games provide an enjoyable interactive experience for users. Sharing photos or videos using filters on social media platforms attracts attention and interaction from the target audience, enabling brands to reach a larger audience and develop an online community.
  • Emotional connection with customers: AR Face Filter games stimulate imagination and evoke positive emotions. As a result, users connect with the brand through fun and meaningful experiences, increasing customer loyalty and trust.
  • Building brand identity: Designed based on the brand's distinctive elements and symbols, AR Face Filters help build a strong brand identity and enhance customer recall.
  • Access to a young target audience: AR Face Filter games are especially appealing to young audiences and have the potential to become popular among young communities, enabling brands to reach a large potential customer base in this age group.
  • Creating spread and virality: Creatively designed and attractive AR Face Filters encourage users to share them on social media platforms, leading to a natural spread and viral effect. This helps brands reach new users, promoting growth and expansion.
  • Promoting dynamic marketing: Utilizing AR Face Filters is an excellent way to bring creativity and innovation to a brand's marketing strategy. This makes the brand stand out and captures customer interest in a competitive market.

In summary, using AR Face Filter games offers diverse benefits for brands, from increasing interaction and building a strong brand identity to accessing a young target audience and creating viral effects for marketing campaigns.

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