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Creating a significant experience for customers in the campaign promoting new motorbike - Vision 2020

Using AR Filter - Chất Bất Chấp to record a video to participate in “Sống Vui Cực Đỉnh” Dance Cover Competition organized by Honda


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter


Idea & Concept

Aiming to create an outstanding and engaging campaign to promote the new motorbike - Vision 2020, Honda has applied AR technology into their online activities to attract customers and increase their brand awareness through unique communication techniques. With the message “Chất Bất Chấp” - Be coolest against all odds,  Marvy Co. has developed a stunning AR Filter for Honda to use in their Dance Cover Competition.


The AR filter has a fashionable and youthful design combined with exciting music, customers will use this filter to record their performance and share them on social media. They have to cover the “Chất Vision” dance by Quang Dang to win the special awards from Honda Vietnam.


AR Option for Honda

Available on social media and easy to spread the brand’s message, AR Face Filter is the most popular type of AR application and most recommended for online marketing. Customers are easier in filming their cover performance without using multiple professional tools to edit and retouch it. The soundtrack and graphics represented for Honda will be magically organized on a mobile screen which helps customers’ videos be coolest against all odds.


Visual Desing & Graphic Motion

Sketching and developing 2D models to create dynamic icons and the iconic text visual “Chất Bất Chấp” - Be coolest against all odds to set up them displaying on the screen during recording. All the details are conscientiously designed and the neon filter moving smoothly, meets the requirements of Honda.


AR Development & Special Feature

By using professional tools like Unity, ARcore, ARkit, Maya, 3ds Max, WebAR,...  Marvy Co. team is expertise in developing and optimizing the performance for each AR product no matter if it is the 2D or 3D model. For this project, the AR filter is precisely cared for all details during stages to adapt to the expectation of Honda. Hence, the final product can be delivered with the best quality and user-friendly for customers.


Facial tracking is applied in this filter to identify customers’ faces when they open the filter via mobile’s camera. The text “Chất Bất Chấp” will be developed to appear right on their forehead, and the soundtrack will automatically play.

How to play

Step 1: Open the AR Face FIlter via the link on Honda’s official fan page

Step 2: Post the video on your Facebook in public mode with three hashtags as follow #SongVuiCucDinh #HondaVision #HondaVietnam

Step 3: Honda will choose the top 20 videos with the highest total engagement (like, share, comment, view) for the judge and Quang Dang marking.


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