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Experience The Journey of Paper Carton with Tetra Pak

Following the unique AR experience on the new Vinasoy Fami carton, the next destination is the green island, where the created paper cartons will be illustrated with unique AR technology, called "Hanh trinh Hop giay".

After enjoying the fascinating historical stories of soybeans, it is time for users to move on to explore the journey of making a paper carton and playing games with topics related to the paper carton theme. At the same time, users can also experience the process of standard milk packaging by Tetra Pak factory


Scope of Work

  • - Creative Strategy Direction
  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 2D Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development
  • - Game Development

Types of AR used

ar photo

AR Space - AR World

Idea & Concept

With the desire to help customers, especially young people, have a detailed look at the production, packaging and sorting of paper cartons after use, Tetra Pak and Marvy decided to transform the production process into a cute design animated in AR format. The images used are youthful and fun, helping viewers feel close and intimate, but not boring.

The images used youthful and fun colors, helping viewers feel close and intimate, but not boring. With the request to enhance the user experience from Tetra Pak, Marvy chose AR Game with interesting features as a highlight for this campaign. 



By providing users with knowledge about the process of producing paper cartons in the form of cartoons, Tetra Pak cleverly conveys the message of forest protection in an easy-to-understand and simple way. 

Not only does it give users a better perspective on the standard milk packaging process, the experience also provides knowledge about the basic steps before disposing of used milk cartons. 

From there, it helps users to have useful knowledge about the environment and helps us to be more conscious in protecting and keeping the environment clean and beautiful, love nature, and always have a modern green lifestyle.


Three main parts of The journey of paper carton

Part 1: Exploring the forest that provides material

Part 2: Exploring the castle

  • Floor 1: Paper box factory
  • Floor 2: Milk factory
  • Floor 3: Green Park and Recycling factory

Part 3: Useful knowledge about the environment

Deployment Direction

To join the game, users only have to scan the QR code and start the experience, with 3 parts:

The story follows the life cycle of a Tetra Pak paper box: Starting from the moment it was born by the trees in the forest, then the process of being formed and bringing the mission of protecting the drink to consumers' use, and finally becoming waste and disposal.

Do not use the form of knowledge transmission through 3D short films like The Good Seed Story (Câu chuyện hạt lành), in Paper Box Journey (Hành trình hộp giấy), the content and knowledge are presented through the dialogues of a cute host - Tetra Pak’s Paper Carton Boy, helping users feel like they are participating in knowledge sharing and entertainment workshop with virtual interactive games.

Visual Concept

UX/UI Design

Experience and Game The Paper Carton Journey is aimed at teenagers, so the graphics and script must ensure consistency, youthfulness, and fun. The content is led by a cute, cheerful, and attractive voice like a children's program shown in 3D format, attracting young audiences.


UI Design (User Interface:)

  • Prioritize the familiar vertical interface for smartphone users.
  • Character images and backgrounds are meticulously designed with blue, red, yellow, and orange colors.
  • Focus on developing a beautiful image for successfully attracting the target audience which is the young audience.

UX Design (User Experience)

  • Only need to scan the QR code on the new Fami milk carton and choose to experience Hành trình hộp giấy.
  • No need to submit information to start the experience.
  • Explore the Paper Box Journey and the Environmental Protection AR Game in only one experience.
  • The forward button helps direct the user to follow the story fully, combined with a fun soundtrack that is programmed to play throughout the experience.
  • Sound effects are built into each mission and played when the user completes it.

3D Modelling

After completing the 2D design, Marvy Co. continues to render 3D Tetra Pak box character and other 3D assets in interactive AR Games.

Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo
Cậu bé Hộp giấy (Paperbox Boy)


Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo
Tetra Pak Island with The casle


Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo
Paperbox Factory of Tetra Pak

Milk facetory:

Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo
Sterilization Zone
Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo
Packaging Area


Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo
Green Park and Recycling Factory


3D assets for interactive Game

Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo

Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo


Besides the interesting 3D designs, animation is also an important factor in helping the experience achieve its goal of reaching all users. In order to attract all ages of users, the image must have cheerful colors, suitable for children. But the animation of characters and objects must be vivid and advanced to attract even mature users who have high requirements. 



Part 1:  Exploring the forest that provides material

The vast green forest appears in the air as soon as the user scans the QR code and chooses to experience the Paper Carton Journey. In the middle of the forest, which supplies materials to make paper boxes, is the production area represented by the image of three extremely beautiful and delicate glass castles.  


Part 2: Exploring the castle

The first floor introduced in this section is the paper pulp-making process. In addition, users can also experience the 3D games with images of bottled water from Tetra Pak's partner brand. 

Interactive AR games are also an outstanding point that makes the experience more attractive and increases the interaction between the experience and the user. By tapping the screen and dragging left or right, users were able to complete 3 paper box pictures from small puzzle pieces.

On the second floor, users will experience the strict milk packaging process with two main zones, the sterilization zone and the packaging area. Not only conveying the importance of Food Hygiene through the presentation, but Tetra Pak also integrates two interactive games to help users be deeply impressed with the standard temperature for sterilizing milk when packaging as well as during the milk packaging processing.

After experiencing and learning knowledge of the rigorous milk production process, users will continue the experience with two entertaining AR Games, the Milk Sterilization Challenge and the Drink Packaging Challenge.

In the Milk Sterilization Game, the user needs to keep the temperature of the milk at 140 degrees Celsius within 4 seconds by touching the Increase *C button.

In the Drink Packing Game, the user must complete the challenge of pouring 10 liters of milk into 10 paper boxes by timing it to touch the Pour button.


On this last floor, quality-packed milk cartons have been delivered to users. But not stopping there, users can experience how to handle virtual paper boxes after use. 

Users only need to follow the instructions of the host, Paperbox boy (Cậu bé hộp giấy), tap and drag to pull out the straw, then pull the corners of the box and press on the box to deflate the paper box.

Right after that, the 3D Game “Put the box in the trash” will continue to show in order to make users more aware of environmental protection, especially littering. In 30 seconds, the user needs to align the position of the Trash character and tap on the screen so that he can catch 6 paper boxes.

At the end of the experience, Tetra Pak introduces the process of recycling paper boxes as well as the products and utensils made from recycled paper, thereby providing useful knowledge in reducing waste.


Part 3: Useful knowledge about the environment

At the end of the experience, Tetra Pak also introduce the process of recycling paper boxes as well as products and utensils made from recycled paper, thereby providing useful knowledge in reducing waste.

Kham Pha Hanh Trinh Hop Giay Cung Tetra Pak photo


AR Programming

All are integrated into the same QR code printed on the new Vinasoy Fami milk carton, customers only need to scan the QR code to experience.

We used AR World - AR Space, a kind of AR technology to display virtual content that combines real space vividly. With this technology, users only need to scan the flat surface to start animating by panning the phone camera towards that plane.

After determining the location of the AR animation, users can freely move close to see the details of the design at many angles or move away to admire the beautiful overview.


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