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Experience Impressive AR Drone Show with Bia Viet

Recently, Bia Viet has brought to Hanoians an impressive AR Drone Show. Not only satisfying the audience with the magnificent red AR images in the night sky, but also making the hearts of football fans as well as sports lovers excited when enjoying the glorious victory of the Vietnam Football Team at SEA Games 31.


Scope of Work

  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

ar photo

AR Space - AR World

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AR Geo Location


 Concept design 

Bia Viet initially approached us with the idea of creating a magnificent painting of Vietnam, using the sky of Hanoi as the canvas to celebrate the 31st SEA Games. With that idea in mind, we proudly delivered an augmented drone light show demonstrated with the image of Lac Hong culture (also the branding logo of Bia Viet) and football players from Vietnam’s team.  

We were also the ones behind the ideation for animation script and the application’s UI design


Model 3d 

We were in charge of the VFX of the entire AR Drone Show, from rendering the 3D drone model to animating the Drone and Player in the performance as well as the AR Drone led lighting effects.


The first act includes a football goal that appears against the night sky in lively and heroic music, combining the animation of “shooting the ball on goal” in the AR environment.


AR Programming

The animated virtual light show at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square was programmed with GPS positioning, also known as AR GeoLocation combined with AR World Tracking to pinpoint a fixed position and animation direction of the stage. The led effect was created with Shader to ensure stability during the performance

AR animation was programmed by Marvy according to the script of Bia Viet. After the strong drum beat, the AR Drone Show began with the welcome text "SEA GAMES 31 Hanoi May 22, 2022". 



As the first virtual AR Drone Show in Vietnam, the making process itself is inevitably challenging to us. 
The first challenge is to keep 100% accuracy of the selected GPS coordinates - Bia Viet Stage held at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc square.
In this step, one inaccuracy alone could have caused the AR drone show to take place where we would have not wanted it to. 

And the challenge doesn’t end there, it also gave us a hard time designing the whole performance that needed to resemble an actual drone show. 


Our solution

With the most advanced technologies (customized shaders, automatic animation...) Marvy has completed the AR drone show experience with the smoothest, most beautiful animation with the best performance.
Anchoring the location of the Drone was a difficult task, given that most of the data from the GPS have some odds, so displaying the AR content at the exact desired location was more complicated than we anticipated.  To solve the problem, we used a noise reduction system.
We designed the AR system based on GPS positioning with shaders to ensure animation stability and enhance performance instead of manually using Key Animation for thousands of LEDs.
In addition, the timer system helped us arrange each content’s performance order at a specified time in a fixed location and displayed only within the preset radius.


2D Design 

In this project, we also delivered a 2D light show that resonates well with the stage performance of the singer  Hoang Thuy Linh and rapper Karik. In this act, the audience can see a football player score a perfect goal. The coincidental fact that Vietnam’s football team actually won the match that day makes the virtual light performance even more impressive. 

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