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AR Filter For Dorco Vietnam

“Extremely witty, intensely happy” with 3 AR Filters that includes various exciting and engaging challenges.

To create a series of engaging activities on social media and highlight the message “Extremely witty, intensely happy” of Dorco, 3 AR Filters are developed to spread out “witty and crazy” challenges for all audiences.


Scope of Work

  • - 2D Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Idea & Concept

Targeting the young generation (Gen Z) and aiming to be outstanding on social media, AR Filter is the most significant solution for Dorco's campaign. With different AR Filters and sets of challenges to highlight the milestone of youth including, “Personal Growth”, “Relationship”, and “Society”, audiences can remember and enjoy their “old but gold” memory.



AR Face Filter for Dorco

AR Face Filterin this campaign is a combination of facial tracking technology and a randomization game feature to spread out many exciting challenges with attractive prizes/ gifts. Each filter contains a different set of challenges and questions, users are free to play it multiple times to explore all the riddles. Also, users can record videos or take photos while performing/answering the questions.

Marvy Co uses the Spark AR tool to develop the AR filters for Dorco, users will use their front camera on mobile devices to experience. The facial tracking technology will detect the user's face and display the graphics on the user's head. When users tap on screen or start recording the video, challenges, and questions will randomly run and stop at one requirement. Users will have a chance to win a special gift from brand



Personal Growth:



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