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AR Game From Tetra Pak and The Story Of Good Seeds

Experience the first virtual performance on Vinasoy paper bottles in Vietnam with Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak Vietnam x Vinasoy has launched a 3D Game integrated on paper bottles with Tet holiday theme and Vietnam history stories combined with the image of soybeans, a popular drink for Vietnamese


Scope of Work

  • - Creative Strategy Direction
  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 2D Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development
  • - Game Development

Types of AR used

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AR Space - AR World

 Idea & Concept

With the goal of providing exciting cultural experiences, Tetra Pak and Marvy Co. decided to use the timelines of the country's formation and development in order from the Hung Vuong, Hai Ba Trung, Ly dynasty, and 19th century to tell the story of Vietnamese soybeans. Those stories are expressed through the image of tiny soybeans combined with attractive illustrations and gentle storytelling, all creating interesting animations animated in a unique AR environment. and alluring.

Not only bringing useful knowledge about soybeans in Vietnamese culture and nutrition, Marvy Co also flexibly combines AR Game, increasing user interaction and experience.


Truyền tải thông điệp

The tiny soybean seed is used to represent a nutritious but familiar plant-based milk source in Vietnamese culture, in contrast to the magnanimity of epic historical films.

The image of "soybean seed" not only represents a fixed brand, but it is the voice of the Vietnamese soybean industry, the voice of farmers, and is a symbol for the process of forming and developing traditional dishes from sweet soy milk.


Main parts of Cau chuyen hat lanh

Part 1: The brief history of soybeans.

Phần 2: Soybeans in the 21st century and AR Game.


Deployment direction

After scanning QR code, users can choose an experience in order:

1. Câu chuyện hạt lành 

2. Hành trình hộp giấy

3. Yoga cho tâm hồn

After scanning the plane and tapping the screen to start animating, the experience opens with the quote “You just planted a good seed.”

In the experience "Cau chuyen hat lanh", users can enjoy interesting short films about the history of the soybean industry with 3D images in an AR environment. Each story is vividly described not only through the voice of the narrator but also through realistic and interesting images. Displayed as an AR card for the soybeans, each bean is a historical story that is both familiar and interesting that is integrated into a short film in animated format.

In addition, users can continue to enjoy the experience of "Yoga cho tâm hồn". This is the last experience in the three main sections. The purpose of this experience is for users to freely combine sound effects such as street vendors' voices, Rain, Birds singing combined with melodious music to help users relax, comfortable, help nourish the soul like the effect of the nutrition in soy milk.


Visual Concept

UX/UI Design

Experiences and Games are integrated into the soy milk product's packaging, so the target audience is not limited in age. Therefore, Marvy must ensure the accuracy and consistency of the content but still ensure the attractiveness of the image. Content is led by a soft voice, ensuring users can focus more attention on the AR part.

User Interface

  • Prioritize the familiar vertical interface for smartphone users.
  • The images of the characters and background are meticulously designed with blue, red, yellow, and orange colors.
  • Focus on developing images to help users easily manipulate and experience the game.

User Experience

  • Users only need to scan the QR code on the new Fami milk carton and choose to experience Cau chuyen hat lanh.
  • No need to enter information to start the experience.
  • Learn the brief history of Soy and the AR Game in only one experience
  • User-oriented transitions follow the story and the full experience combined with fun, programmed soundtracks that play throughout the experience.
  • Sound effects are built into each mission and play when the user completes it.


3D Modeling

After completing the 2D design, Marvy Co. continues to create 3D shapes for the image of the giant bean, combined with character designs and 2D backgrounds to create exciting and engaging experiences.



Marvy Co. has focused on exploiting the image of Soybean Seeds combining important historical timelines of Vietnam, creating images such as bronze drums, assembly halls, palaces, and soldiers, ... with smooth animations in a unique and engaging AR environment.


Programming Câu chuyện hạt lành

Hung King

During the reign of the Hung Kings, specifically shown at the time of Van Lang's founding of the country, the image of King Hung wearing a crown with traditional costumes with pleated skirts, slanted skirts, patterned belts, and Dong Son bronze drums. The image of a farmer in the Van Lang period is illustrated with a traditional loincloth, working in a soybean field. 



Trưng Sisters

Trung Trac and Trung Nhi with traditional costumes appeared majestically on the backs of elephants with the soldiers, showing their indomitable spirit against the enemy but still with interesting cartoon colors. Besides, the origin of the traditional Ke Mo tofu dish and the image of the famous general Tam Trinh, the brave general in the battle of Hai Ba Trung, is also faithfully depicted with the image of the people, the roof of the communal house, and the square, white plates of tofu.



Lý Dynasty

The story of an old woman's soy milk shop associated with the soldiers at Quoc Tu Giam School during the Ly Dynasty is shown through pictures of people in traditional costumes, with headscarves, animatedly moving in front of the image of Khue Van gate and the famous Ba Lanh pagoda.


19th century

The traditional dishes from soybeans created by Vietnamese people are still handed down to this day, such as tofu, and soy sauce, which are shown through the image of Vietnamese farmers combining images of areca trees, jars, street vendors, etc.


21st century - Now

The beautiful image of Vietnam is shown through the image of a healthy woman in sportswear with the background of famous buildings such as Landmark 81, and Bitexco, ...

Besides, the interactive game is also a special highlight. The design of three giant beans representing the three nutrients that soybeans bring, such as Fiber, Plant Protein, and Anti-Aging Agent combined with the image of an Energy Bar. Every time the player uses their hands to pull each bean into the human body, the energy bar will increase gradually and complete when 3 beans have been absorbed.

In particular, the three nutrition buttons are matched with corresponding sounds, programmed to allow users to drag and drop each nutrition part and the voice will play accordingly. The energy bar is also programmed to change with each nutrient particle


Programming Yoga cho tam hon

With a rustic design with the main image of soybeans, Yoga for the Soul has successfully oriented to the image of simplicity and relaxation as the main purpose of the section - relaxation and peace. Specifically, the images and colors of the elements are designed according to the visual concept, the main color is light yellow - the color of soybean intestine and the green color of nature. The image of a girl meditating with a lotus flower symbolizes purity, beauty, and goodness.

In addition, Marvy Co. also programmed the music to repeat over and over, a pause button so readers can stop the music and resume it when needed, and programmed 4 sound effect bars for users to customize:

+ Morning: the volume of the sound

+ Bird Singing: the volume for the bird singing

+ Rainy sound: the volume for the rainy sound

+ Vendor's sound: the volume for vendor's sound

Users can customize to combine all sounds into a relaxing piece of music for working, meditating, or resting,...


AR Development

Using AR World - AR Space technology, the technology of displaying virtual content on the ground combines a real and lively space. With this technology, users only need to recognize the plane to start the animation by panning the phone camera towards the plane. In addition, all experiences are integrated into the same QR code printed on the new Vinasoy Fami milk box, customers only need to scan the QR code once to use.

With AR technology, after determining the location of the AR animation, users can freely move close to see the details of the design at many angles or move away to admire the beauty. overview.

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