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  • FPT Camera

AR New Year Card for FPT Camera

With the New Year Card applied AR Image Target, FPT deserves to be called the leader in the technology field in the Vietnam market.

Marvy Co. is honored to cooperate with FPT Camera in releasing the unique New Year Card. By applying the AR Image Target, this New Year Card promises to bring interesting technology experiences.


Scope of Work

  • - Creative Strategy Direction
  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development
  • - WebAR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Image Tracking


Ideas & concept

In order to bring customers a unique technological experience and turn monotonous New Year greeting cards into attractive works of art, FPT Camera and Marvy Co. has built and developed New Year cards using AR Image Target. Not only highlighting the image of the leading brand in the field of technology, but the AR card of FPT Camera has also made a deep impression on users.


AR Option to FPT Camera

Just scan the QR by your smartphone once, you can experience unique 2D graphics with AR Image Target technology featured in Augmented Reality - an AR format brings to life every Print.

AR Image Target can integrate into corporate publications such as business cards, packages, magazines, posters, banners, flyers, leaflets ... to implement strategies and campaigns depending on the purpose of the business.

WebAR increases the compatibility of all mobile devices interacting with postcards. In addition, the visual performance with optimized quality ensures the image and sound are transmitted as sharp and clear as much as possible.


Visual design & Graphic Motion

This AR New Year Card was created meticulously by images ranging from apricot blossoms - Vietnamese traditional symbol of the identity and the mascot of FPT Camera. The orange and golden colors of the texts create a perfect combination that stands for FPT’s brand color and wealth. The animation is smooth and lives up to the expectations of FPT Camera.


AR Development & Special Features

With the experiences in developing AR products using Unity, ARcore, ARkit, Maya, 3Dsmax, WebAR, ..., Marvy Co.'s development team understands how to optimize the quality for any products, whether 2D or 3D, and ensure FPT Camera’s requirements. 

Through AR Image Target, users can take photos or recording videos and then access to FPT Camera’s website with only a tap.


How to use

With AR New Year’s cards from FPT Camera, users do not need to download any Apps to experience, just scan the QR code on the AR card with the smartphone's camera, click on the link to the website and view the content displayed by AR.

In addition, the display also integrates a call-to-action button to the website that is linked directly to the homepage of FPT Camera. Therefore, viewers can click to view information about products quickly and extremely interestingly.


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Marvy Co. is confident in providing a diverse and unique AR/ VR/ Game Ecosystem, by a team with great credibility, skills and experience. We consult and establish optimized AR/ VR/ Game/ Playable Ads solutions that flexibly applied to all brand Marketing strategies.

Beside AR/VR, outsourcing and designing Games (Mini Game, Large-scale Game...) is our expertise.

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