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Booming Floral Scent With LUX 3D Flower Dresses By AR Filter

With AR Body Tracking, people can “try on” any dresses through AR Filter anywhere. This kind of technology applied by LUX, a shower gel Brand, for the marketing campaign to promote their new products, LUX Botanicals.


Scope of Work

  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Idea & Concept

Recently, the shower gel Brand LUX has collaborated with fashion designer Quy Cao to launch a collection of Lux Botanicals dresses inspired by three new scents from the brand: Orchid, French Rose, and Freesia.

To have unlimited ways to experience the unique flower dresses, LUX has partnered with Marvy Co. to create an AR Filter that applied AR Body Tracking and 3D, allowing users to “try on” the dresses right on Instagram.


3D Modelling

Each 3D flower dress has been modeled extremely meticulously by Marvy Co. with almost absolute accuracy. Besides, we have also adjusted some details such as waist size to be able to fit the majority of Filter users.


AR Programming

To experience all 3 beautiful dresses, users do not need to access 3 different Filters because Marvy Co. used UI Button for LUX Botanicals’s Filter (Change UI Button). Each UI button is a dress, after choosing a favorite dress, users just need to press the shutter button to take pictures or hold it to record a video.

Using AR Body Tracking technology, when the camera is turned on, the Filter immediately tracks the user's body and activates the vivid "3D Dress" effect, which moves according to the user's movements.



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