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See Your Face In The Next 15 Years With Manulife’s AR Filter

Have you ever wondered “What am I going to be like in the next 15 years?”. Well then, let’s find out through this filter from Manulife!

The AR face filter project helps users meet their future self


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development
  • - Backend Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Ideas & Concept


To create a “time travel” experience by sending users a message from their future selves, Manulife applied AR technology to their marketing campaign to turn the idea into reality.


AR Development


The filter is implemented on Manulife's microsite platform. When users access the microsite, they’ll come across two questions: “When would you like to see yourself in the future?” and “Where do you want to see your future self be when enjoying financial independence?”. The system will generate a filter that matches the answers that users pick. Through the filter, users will see an image of themselves enjoying a desirable future such as: Traveling around the world, vacationing at the beach, or a luxury resort.



Using AR Face Tracking technology, Marvy has implemented an aging filter for three different periods of time. Our team spent a lot of time finding a solution so that the wrinkled layer can look as good as in applications, but still keep the level of stability to run on a microsite


3D Graphic Design


Our team created three 3D graphics for each different theme. The beret goes with the travel theme, the straw hat goes with the “Resort” theme and sunglasses with a “Beach” theme.


How to use

B1: Access to Manulife's microsite: 

B2: Click “Start” to answer the question

B3: Filter experience

B4: Share the picture on Facebook for a chance to win a gift

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