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Take A Selfie With Star Kombucha AR Filter

Enjoy a jubilant Tet holiday with Star Kombucha’s Tet Holiday AR Filter on Facebook Camera

The fermented drink brand Star Kombucha has just launched the Mini Game "Chuc Tet Khoe Dep", marking a new step in applying advanced technology to their product promotion as well as bringing their brand image up to a new higher level.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

ar photo

AR Image Tracking

AR Face Filter

To join the mini-game, the users only have to access the link to open the Facebook filter. When the camera is open, the Filter will change the background after recognizing the user's face immediately. Furthermore, this filter also recognizes the movement of the lips and changes the wish when the user smiles.

Four flavor fermented tea cans appear with four New Year wishes when the user presses the filming button randomly. Additionally,  Marvy programmed a UI button so the user can change the background's colors. The background was programmed carefully so that it can separate the real-life background completely. Combined with the elements such as apricot blossoms, red lucky money envelopes and golden coins, a symbol of wealth and Tet holiday.



How to use

Step 1: Access AR Filter at:

Step 2: Take a selfie or video with Star Kombucha AR Filter and the wishes

Step 3: Save photos and share them to join minigame Chuc Tet Khoe Dep at:



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