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Cosmetics brand O'Muse sends an impressive message to customers with the help of AR technology.

With the idea of creating an immersive marketing message, O'Muse has applied AR technology to their Thank You cards to send to KOLs along with PR gifts.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Image Tracking


3D art design & animation

AR image tracking development

UI/UX design


Ideas & concepts:

Through AR thank you cards, O'Muse wishes to deliver the message "Girls deserve to have all the best things in life" to female customers.

A peony flower was chosen to be the key visual to symbolize softness, elegance and femininity. Peonies are also considered a gift to show appreciation and love. 


3D design & animation:

The peony is the dominant image of the card, so our team put a lot of effort into perfecting it. From optimizing the mesh for the model to keep the petals soft-looking and flexible while ensuring stable animation on mobile devices, to creating rotational motion and sparkling effects to create a shimmering, dreamy, feminine feeling in accordance with the concept requirements that O'Muse proposed.


AR image tracking for O'Muse thank you cards:

- AR image tracking can be used for many types of printing assets such as: Backdrop, business card, poster, ... There are many ideas to work around: Brand story, new product launching, etc. In O'Muse's project, image tracking technology is applied to help the brand convey thank-you messages to customers, as well as spread words about their special promotion.

- The project is implemented on the WebAR platform to help increase the compatibility for most mobile devices when experiencing the AR message on the card. In addition, programming optimizes the quality of 3D models, ensuring that the image and sound are transmitted as sharp and clear as possible.


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