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AR Face Filter - Definition and Benefits You May Not Know

Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, AR is widely used in business and marketing. Let's take a look at the definition and benefits of AR Filter that you may not know..

AR Filter is more and more developed and diverse. About every two weeks, Facebook's Spark AR Studio updates its platform which comes with new features. Let's find out about AR Face Filter - The most prominent Filter type on Facebook and Instagram platforms and the benefits of applying it to brand marketing campaigns.

What is AR Face Filter?

To better understand AR Face Filter, Marvy will first explain AR technology - Augmented Reality. Unlike VR (Virtual Reality), AR allows users to experience virtual sounds, images, and animations in a real environment, specifically interacting with living creatures and real landscapes through the camera of the phone.

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(AR Game Filter from

Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, AR is widely used in business and marketing. Businesses apply AR to brand marketing or new product introduction, helping customers have an intuitive view of products with AR Product Viewer technology. In addition, people also apply AR to show Animation, videos, and 3D models in a specific area with AR Geolocation technology - using GPS.

(Pokemon GO's - Game AR used AR Geolocation tech)


Or with AR World - AR Space, displaying animation on surfaces, such as floors, and tables, ...

(Mitsubishi Pajero AR Experience applied AR World - By Marvy Co.)


In addition, AR is also applied to special events, movie launch events, or year-end parties with typical products such as photobooths, backdrops (Event AR), or virtual AR Invitation Card.

(AR Backdrop at Lazvenger - Lazada)


(AR Postcard from Marvy Co.)


But, to talk about AR Face Filter on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, it only mentions about one AR tech - AR Face Tracking.

AR Face Tracking technology, through the camera, display elements, sounds, and effects on the user's face. In addition, AR Face Filter can also change the color or change the shape, size, and position of the user's face. This is also the reason why it is used to create filters and photography applications that can smooth skin, enlarge eyes, shrink faces, or even help users take a selfie with shimmering virtual makeup from eyelashes and eye colors, to lipstick and blush.

Make an AR Filter

In 2017, Meta first launched Spark AR Studio - an AR Filter creation and development tool for Instagram / Facebook social networking platforms, that helped developers to create an AR Filter in a simple and easy way. Since then, it has helped marketers easily apply this technology for creative marketing campaigns, which makes AR Filters become one of the important Marketing Solutions of the new era.

How to make an AR Filter with Spark AR Studio


When Digital Marketing is growing constantly, the types of Outbound Marketing are no longer hot enough to attract users. Marketers are always looking for attractive technologies to bring brands and products closer to consumers, that is the reason why AR Face Filter has gradually become one of the favorite options. Not only because of their novelty and attractiveness, but AR Face Filter also helps Brands increase interaction with consumers through unique images that are animated like living objects. It can be said that AR Face Filter is a special product that allows users to experience a combination of videos, images, and eye-catching content on their own faces.

According to hbr.ord, by 2021, there are more than 100 million users using AR Shopping Tool, and more than 200 million users using Snapchat AR Lens every day. And these numbers are even higher 
 when the pandemic broke out.

Why Brands should apply AR Face Filter

If the above numbers are not enough to convince you about the effectiveness of AR Filter in business and marketing, Octokit will help you have a more practical view with 4 advantages that AR Filter can bring to your Brand. 

1. AR Filter is more attractive than videos

According to statistics, there are more than 1 billion Instagram users worldwide. With Facebook, the numbers are even direr - 2.91 billion monthly active users, and 1.93 billion daily active Facebook users. This has made Spark AR Studio the tool with the largest number of Filter users in the world. And research shows that people use AR Filter for an average of 75 seconds – 4 times longer than mobile video. (According to

2. Launch paid ads with AR Filter:

Currently, users can launch paid ads with AR Filter on Facebook. Instagram is also rolling out this feature soon. Everyone knows that advertising on Facebook is a useful means of reaching the target audience and boosting brand awareness as well as online sales.

Imagine users scrolling through timelines, seeing your ads, clicking, and using Filters. It won't stop at experiencing a Filter, as the user can then save the video/image or even post it on their 24h Story and their timeline.

3. Try before you buy:

With AR Face Tracking technology, businesses can allow customers to "try on" eyeglasses, hairpins, hair dye or lipstick, blush, and all kinds of cosmetic and beauty products. 

4. 80% of users follow their favorite brands on social media:

Open your phone and check, how many brands are you following on Instagram? Dior, Gucci, Channel, Prada, or popular brands like Charles & Keith, Pedro, H&M, Zara, etc. 
Scroll down and see how Dior created AR Filter. They can do it, and so can you!

Don't let your brand go out of style. To stand out in a fiercely competitive market, make customers know and remember your brand. That's the first step in your brand marketing success!

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