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AR Filters take brand marketing campaigns to a new level

AR Filter on Marketing.

When it comes to social networks most popular with young people around the world, no doubt that Instagram is the favorite app for everyone. In this article, Marvy Co. We will show the importance of AR Filter to your brand's advertising campaigns on Instagram, and how to use AR Filter for customer engagement. 

How can AR Filter take marketing campaign to a new level ?

According to SocialMediaToday (2019), 80% of Instagram and facebook users tend to follow at least 1 brand that they are interested in. With a growing number of users and good engagement, so most brands are stepping up their Instagram ad campaigns.

However, unlike Facebook, Instagram and Facebook are not a place where brands can "set" ads and let algorithms "process" and "reach" potential customers. Instagram users expect fresh content. Now, their interest is changing very quickly thanks to Facebook/Instagram's self-refresh feature. So brands are constantly looking for ways to engage customers with their posts. In addition to videos with interesting and engaging content, Augmented Reality technology is signaling similar potential.

AR enhances the user experience, creating opportunities for brands and users to connect more closely. These personal filters can be shared by users on Highlights or Stories. Anyone following the brand can filter and share it on their Stories, which helps the brand turn followers into their own brand ambassadors, helping to boost user outreach and engagement. 

(Calvin Klein Instagram filter)

AR filters on Instagram and facebook have shown phenomenal results, with interactions likely in the millions. With AR filters, brands can directly track results through Display, Photo Capture, and share, which are updated directly on the Instagram platform.



How to apply AR Filters to achieve efficiency?

Even though AR Filters can give your brand a “wow” factor, customer interest will diminish if you don't have influential and effective marketing strategies. Here are some practical suggestions from Marvy Co. so that your brand can exploit Instagram Filters to get a good result.

1. Set goals:

What does your brand want to gain from the campaign? Increased brand awareness or engagement? Extend sales conversion rate? The most important thing is set specific and measurable goals, as this will make it easier for you to determine what type of AR technology should be used in your campaign. Additionally, users may be better aware of what they will gain from using brand filters.

2. Choose the right AR filters for brands:

There are many ways to deploy AR technology, AR Filter now is a new race for Brands and Marketers. For Instagram and Facebook, Marvy Co. found that the following 3 types are delivering the best results, as well as brings different benefits for brand campaigns:

AR Filters:

Use face-tracking and hand-tracking technology to create different effects according to the request of the brand.


- Personalize the user experience, creating an emotional connection between consumers and brands when they directly use filters on their faces.

- Simplifying the deployment process, because face filters are easier to design, it is also faster to try them out.

- Turn users into influencers of your brand and spread out brand's message.


(Filter by CocaCola in #Refresh campaign)


Markless AR:

Allows users to place virtual objects in any position they like. Users can also try different styles or positions digitally without having to move objects around.


- Giving users the most realistic experience.

- Brand messages can be communicated more thoroughly with virtual objects.

- Get a lot of user attention.


(Filter Space Dreams on Instagram)


AR Games:

Gamify the user experience by using face-tracking or hand-tracking technology. Users play the game by moving their faces or hands according to the motion of virtual objects.


- Accomplish the high engagement rate when users interact with the game.

- Extend sales conversion rates for business. They can promote products and encourage consumers to buy through games.

- Bring excitement to the players, make outstanding impressions on people who do not know about the product and feel closer to customers.


(AR Game)


3. Promotion campaign

Designing filters is one thing, but letting people actually use filters and share them on social media is another. While brands can still advertise filters on their accounts through Stories or Highlights, the results will be more effective if brands can use viral promotional videos or use influencers to promote AR filters.


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