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8 Impressive AR Music Stages in the World

AR has become one of the top choices for concerts, music festivals, … in the world. Let's join Marvy Co. Explore 8 world famous AR app stages and how they made this amazing experience..

Augmented reality (AR) technology has long been known for its ability to deliver immersive experiences. Not only used to produce attractive games like Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go!


Or Angry Bird AR

But AR is also applied in making the product selection process more intuitive:

The IKEA AR App helps customers choose furniture


Customers "try" cosmetics at Sephora store with AR screen

It doesn’t stop there, now, AR has become one of the top choices for concerts, and music festivals, ... in the world. Let's join Marvy Co. Let's Explore 10 famous AR app stages in the world and how they made this amazing experience


8 impressive AR application music stages in the world:


1. Legendary rapper Eminem's stage at Coachella 2018:



At America's most loved music festival, Coachella, legendary rapper Eminem had an impressive closing stage with AR technology, specifically AR Geolocation, allowing users to experience active content. AR at a fixed location based on GPS results with a phone app. Specifically, to prepare for this AR stage, Eminem has launched the Eminem Augmented application

The idea was born when most of the audience participating in music concerts would hold their phones and record the artist's performance. 

“We thought if phones were going to be there and people would take them up in the air and see
into them, why don't we come up with a way to change the way they perceive the show," said Def Jam (and Eminem's manager), Paul Rosenberg.


The AR experience was developed by the production studio Drive Studios. The creative director of Drive Studio said the concert experience is an exclusive experience, only for the audience participating in the event because the AR performance has been programmed to work within more than a hundred yards. (yard: British unit of length) from the live performance

Besides AR Geolocation, the show crew also used AR image tracking to do some off-stage AR experiences



2. Coachella's stage 2019


After the success of the AR stage that Eminem reaped at Coachella 2018, the organizers decided to continue implementing the AR experience for the 2019 Coachella festival taking place in California. Programmed to be animated right inside the Sahara Tent, the audience can watch the countdown timer on the main screen and wait for the announcement of the AR experience demonstration from the organizers.


Once the AR animation begins, the audience will use the Coachella Camera in the Coachella app and point their phone at the screen to experience the AR animation. Attendees will be able to flip through a variety of filters that will pop up during transitions between sets and during performances. The application will create planetary objects, space stations, astronauts, and other space objects

Experience AR Coachella 2019 in blueprints


AR experience programmed with AR Geolocation technology at Coachella 2019:




3. The stage of Hoang Thuy Linh and Karik at Bia Viet - SEA Games 31


With the idea of putting the image of "beautiful Vietnam" animated in the capital sky to celebrate the 31st SEA Games, Marvy Co. implemented the concept of animation for AR Drone Show with 2D and 3D designs with images imbued with cultural imprints such as Lac Hong, which is also the symbol of Bia Viet, combined with a modern image of a bridge. football player in red Vietnamese football uniform.



In addition to the AR Drone Show animation with 3D design for the event "Vietnamese Beer - Football Party with all your heart for Vietnam", Marvy also undertakes the design and programming of AR animation with 2D design for her performance. singer Hoang Thuy Linh and rapper Karik.


AR animation at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, where the event "Vietnamese Beer - Football Party is devoted to Vietnam", programmed by Marvy Co. based on GPS positioning, also known as AR Geo Location combined with AR World Tracking, ensuring fixed position and animation direction of the stage. Led effect created with Shader ensures stability when performing.


AR animation was programmed by Marvy according to the script of Bia Viet. After the resounding drum beat, the AR Drone Show began with the welcome text "SEA GAMES 31 Hanoi May 22, 2022".


4. AR Stage of music band Gorillaz 


Virtual band Gorillaz made history with augmented reality (AR) concerts in two of the world's busiest cities, New York and London. Hundreds of fans gathered to enjoy the live AR concert taking place in Times Square and Piccadilly Circus.



It is known that this is the first concert of its kind. It took the band Gorillaz and Nexus Studio almost a year to prepare the 100% AR stage with AR Geolocation technology and successfully create a surreal experience that can interact with fans. Attendees can download the AR app “Gorillaz Present” to their phones and enjoy the live performance of the virtual band performing on their phones while being immersed in the performances on the giant screen.



This AR concert is a testament to Gorillaz's timeless creativity. As the most popular virtual band in the world, Gorillaz has been constantly elevating the experience for its audience with innovative approaches and pushing the boundaries of pure music. The band has always been known for its creativity in mixing unique musical genres and its ability to push the boundaries of what is possible in the music industry. And it is this AR concert that proves once again that they are at the forefront of technology and creativity.



5. Stage of Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas 2022:


Snap and Live Nation recently announced a partnership to launch immersive Snapchat AR experiences at music festivals hosted by Live Nation. The first stage was held in May 2022 at the Electric Daisy Masquerade Festival held in Las Vegas, USA.



Both Snap and Live Nation aim to make AR an integral part of any musical experience, similar to the presence of giant screens at major concerts around the world. Along with the habit of using phones to record performances, at music festivals held by Live Nation, audiences can also experience augmented reality while filming and taking photos.


In particular, concertgoers can also use Snap lenses (Snapchat filters) to try on items such as glasses, t-shirts, hats, etc. These AR experiences are added to attract more young audiences. more. And not to disappoint the expectations of both Snap and Live Nation, the application of AR for music shows has given Live Nation the opportunity to reach more than 90% of the young audience from 13 to 24 years old in the US through videos created by the company. widely shared on Snapchat.


The plans to reach fake cockroaches at concerts are getting more developed, more creative, and more strategic.



6. AR Stage of Coldplay và BTS


2021 marks the spectacular transformation of the world music scene. In particular, the cooperation of the popular K-Pop band BTS and the band Coldplay has captivated fans. But the song's superb musical style and melodies aren't the only things that make this collaboration such a huge success, it's also the subtle use of technology in the production of the album's cover and stages in America.



Specifically, two popular music groups applied augmented reality (AR) to the performance of the song My Universe at the NBC television reality show The Voice. Using images programmed in 3D via volumetric capture and rendered directly using Unreal Engine 4.27.1, the members of BTS appear on the screen as a three-dimensional image in the environment. AR augmented reality.






To promote the release of the new album “Music of the Spheres” and the BTS collaboration single “My Universe”, Coldplay has released two limited albums using augmented reality. Developed by arfected in collaboration with Parlophone Records Ltd. and FirePit Technology (Warner Music Group), these experiences allow fans to experience WebAR with a fictional planetary system called “The Spheres”.



And along with this interesting idea, each song on the album has its own planet and the alien language on the album cover acts as an image target (used to trigger the AR effect when panning the phone. ). This allows fans to trigger a WebAR experience by using a mobile device to scan album covers and enjoy exciting animations.



7. AR Stage of Elton John


Vodafone company and UK music icon Elton John recently collaborated to hold a concert to thank NHS staff for their great contributions. during the Covid-19 pandemic at the Hype Park (British Summer Time Hyde Park) BST event. With the desire to bring new experiences to his audience, Elton John decided to apply AR technology for his performance.






8. Coachella's AR Stage 2022 - Flume


After a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Coachella 2022 is back, marking a new milestone in combining the three fields of music, creativity, and technology in the history of live events.



The AR elements in this experience emphasize realism and enhance effects such as reflections and refractions, all creating an experience that transcends the boundaries of reality and technology like never before.




It is known that some viewers who watched the show live via television mistakenly thought that these virtual elements were balloons floating, colliding with the stage when they were programmed to animate with the Holdouts 3D engine. AR is like how a ball moves.



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