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Eyewear online: Augmented Reality Try-on Glasses

Virtual trial glasses change the outlook of the online experience.

No matter what type of glasses you are looking for, the virtual reality sunglasses test solution will assist you. Choose how glasses will look on your face, regardless of shape, color, size, or model. With the virtual glass test solution, you can try out comfortably with unique styles right at your home.

1. What is the AR Try On Glasses experience?

Imagine giving your customers the ability to try products with Augmented Reality with just one click, directly from the product page on your website or using the Facebook / Instagram platform on a smartphone. 

In a nutshell, trying on virtual sunglasses when it's not convenient to visit a store, brands gives customers the ability to see which frame style and color suits them best. This experience doesn't require any hard work - launch experience on your official product website. Another case is the AR Filter on the brand's Facebook and Instagram or App, so it will have social sharing or Shop Now leading to the company's website.

Therefore, the TRY ON feature allows you to see how you will look when wearing new sunglasses or via your webcam or phone screen. Narrow down your options to find the frames that match your face shape and personal style without leaving home. It's all part of AR TRY ON's goal to make it easy to shop for your eyeglasses online.



Can you try the famous brand Glasses?

The answer is Yes, AR Filter virtual eyeglasses experience is now available for a wide variety of sunglasses and sunglasses from famous brands such as Bebe, CALVIN KLEIN, Cole Haan, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc. 

Viewing eyeglasses can virtually be an approach to overcoming the challenges of developing a shopping habit. Most customers can swipe through the frames and choose glasses with the Virtual Glass Test application.

(Try on LongChamp Glasses)


2. Which platforms is AR Filter Try-On developed?

Virtual experiments change users' approach to glass shops. The virtual portfolio of 3D glasses testing solutions Virtual Try-On provides easy steps to try out the right glasses. Testing on eyeglasses solution tells users how exactly the glasses will display on their face. Customers can choose the most suitable eyewear and order. Online glasses shopping has never been simpler than ever. Thus, with simple steps, you will have the exact look you are looking for. Experience through cross-platform application: AR Filter Facebook / Instagram, Website, App.

  1. AR Filter Facebook / Instagram

AR filters are also commonly known as Facebook / Instagram filters. Allows content creators to design 2D / 3D images, insert sounds, effects, etc. according to brand needs, usable in both rear and selfie camera modes. Find out more details about AR Filter here.



  1. AR Try On Website 

Easy experience on the brand's website, especially eyewear retailers such as,, Sephora, .. AR Try-On is expected to become a new trend of global e-commerce.



  1. Brand’s App

The brands with a large scale in the world also apply AR TRY ON technology, one of which is RayBan. You need to create a virtual model of your face using a mobile camera. The model is paired with a Rayban virtual frame, creating an interactive image like a real photo. You can share this image with your friends or buy it directly from the app.


(AR Filter testing glasses in the App of the Rayban brand)


  1. The highlights of AR Filter brought to the user

- Try Real-time glasses: Virtual glasses and sunglasses try to experience the feeling of the real thing

- Exactly match with 3D face detection

- Design surreal glass models in any shape and color

- Beauty options are added like facial retouch, makeup, background font, branding, lighting effects


3. Benefits of AR filter TRY ON - Try out lenses on brands

Brands that actively adopt the technology have seen measurable positive effects. Put your branding on augmented reality conversions to stand out and stay competitive.


  1. Time-of-experience competition impacts sales

Immersive trial experiences increase the number of time consumers spend with your brand - on mobile and online - and ignite impromptu purchases. The individually designed frame size provides unrivaled personalization to customers to ensure they buy the glasses they fit. Minimize returns that drain your budget and damage your brand's reputation, but you can reduce them with a 'try before you buy' approach.


  1. Attract consumers

The virtual test experience is fast, engaging, and accessible across multiple platforms, so consumers can browse through a variety of items without getting bored. It inspires consumers to take pictures and share them on social media, allowing brands to naturally reach new audiences. Enhance consumer experience and maintain a great presence on social media.


  1. Personalize your experience

Generate revenue to bring your eyeglasses to consumers. Our virtual glasses trial software with face-matching features makes the buyer's experience much more personalized, allowing "one-to-one" interaction with your brand through the camera.



In-app trial virtual glasses have full potential to be the next big thing in eCommerce. They greatly relieved the stress of going into a store and experimenting on different frames. They save the consumer time and the brand's budget and serve as a cost-effective alternative for home testing of glasses.

Most importantly, it makes choosing the frame we will love as easy as looking in a mirror.


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