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6 industries that can use AR filter for online shopping trial

AR Try on technology trends - trial products are solutions for brands.


1. What is the AR Filter product Try On?

We are very familiar with the types of filters that change the image color, use cute attached icons, filters to change faces, space, ... easily found on the story section of Instagram or Facebook. Likewise, the AR filter on Instagram and Facebook has now expanded online shopping advertising to brands with differentiated features. Utilizing augmented reality allows consumers to "try out" products before buying them through filters.

Then brands provide a new kind of interaction with the product to the user, for example trying glasses, shoes, t-shirts, or even trying lipstick colors, make up, jewelry, ... on social media. Offers an immersive but incredibly entertaining experience.


2. How to create AR filter for brands ?

AR filter developers always have to solve two major problems such as: a category or a smart menu for customers to choose products and attract more views or Buy Now.

So customers can experience all kinds of products just by AR Filter on Facebook or Instagram. After the customer has experienced the experience, they can press the view more button or Buy Now is linked to the brand's official website.

AR Filter can impress and demonstrate product characteristics. Because some products cannot be fully described by photos or videos. But thanks to the augmented reality, shoppers can almost try it with the closest real feel. Currently there are many brands using AR Filter such as Warby Parker, MAC Cosmetics, Rayban and NARS Cosmetics, …

Developers will post the content and products of the brand on Facebook / Instagram based on the rules and common usage for the two platforms' filters. It is important to understand the following steps:

Step 1: Start by clicking on the filter in the story on Instagram / Facebook or a post from one of the brands you are interested in.

Step 2: On the product description screen, you will find the option "Try it out":

Step 3: Clicking the button will open your Instagram / Facebook story camera with the AR effect showcasing your product. Depending on the product you are browsing, you might also have the option to choose different colors and products.



3. Synthesize 6 categories where AR filter can be applied for trial and online purchase

a. Fashion accessories industry - Filter to try glasses (Sunglasses)

This is the type of accessory that fashionistas rate as a Must-have, many eyewear manufacturers and custom and over-the-counter glasses retailers also try to get their own AR filters as is. a brand voice. From easygoing and youth-focused brands like Arnette or Gentle Monster to classics like Rayban, the eyewear industry continues to create filters for entertainment or legal (or dual) trials. when both).




If you're looking for the perfect pair of glasses but don't want to go to the store yet, it's easy with Virtual Test. You can try glasses from the comfort of your home, from sitting on the sofa, for example. The virtual glasses filter lets you try out as many pairs as you want!


b. Fashion Accessories Industry - Try Contact Lens

Whether you want to take a selfie or try a new eye color change before buying colored contact lenses, the AR filter does. With special effects. The Instagram / Facebook filter allows you to change your eye color to a variety of colors, like blue, green, or brown eyes. You can really see how you look with different eye colors.


 (AR Filter Change eyes color)

c. Jewelry Accessories Industry - Filtering experience gem jewelry

The augmented reality (AR) in jewelry continues to provide the user with a multi-dimensional view of the jewelry through interaction.Allowing the customer to make sure the jewelry looks right for them before buying. Advanced hand, face, neck, .. hand-scanning technology with AR is creating a standard impact on customers as well as businesses. 

Users can virtually try and combine many types of jewelry together. For example, on the face you can combine earrings, necklaces, nose rings, ... and you can try as many as you want. So such features of the AR jewelry app help people make a decision to buy expensive jewelry online.


d. Cosmetic industry - AR filter experience Make up

Facebook and Instagram AR help create the perfect tools for customers to try makeup products with great detail, simplicity and usability compared to any other product. You can see how you look with your chosen make-up without going to the beauty salon or removing makeup afterwards. And then you can ask your friends if they like it or not by sharing the photo with the effect on Facebook or Instagram.



If you are not confident with your skin. Or simply do not have time to apply makeup, this is a great helper for you to have beautiful skin, no need to wear makeup. Try the Makeup filter

Cosmetic brands can use AR filters to promote new product lines more effectively. Even if customers do not have a clear demand, they can consider how great it is to use your brand's products through the AR filter and decide to buy them right away.



e. Cosmetic industry - Filter test lipstick

Add a filter to help you make your own make-up artist for fastidious customers to refer to. Look different by using lip color on your photo in style. Not only that now, beauty brands are working with AR developers to create filters, like body makeup, that can help improve your mood, make you happy. look better and bring smiles to everyone. Try out lipstick filters now.


f. Fashion and accessories industry - Filter trials of hats

We all hesitate before buying some accessories like glasses or hats: will they fit well? Will I look good? Are they my size? But now, AR technology solves that problem. The visitors who have not visited your store can always easily experience right on Facebook, Instagram, the brand's sales website and buy them immediately.

AR filter Try on hat from Dior

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