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Playable Ads - trending brand promotion of the digital era

Playable Ads in Marketing today.

Along with the explosion of Information Technology, accessing the Internet has become extremely easy and fast. Therefore, Mobile Marketing is becoming one of the leaders in Marketing. With a creative mind that can work instantly, new era marketers have many ways to help the brands take full advantage of this platform to promote products, increase brand awareness and engagement with customers,... And one of the most popular and widely used advertising types is “Playable Ads”.


What are Playable Ads?

Playable ads are an interactive ad format for News Feed of Facebook. And exactly what they are called - Advertisements that people can play. Playable Ads allow people to play the game in the video or try the application without downloading. 



Playable Ads developers often incorporate Gamification - a way to apply the elements of a Game to the other fields that are not in the Game Industry. The reason that people apply Gamification is to increase the install rate, increase sales, and connect users to their brand’s apps or websites. Playable Ads deserve to be called the useful marketing method. Not only a great method in the launch of a new Mobile Game, but it also can promote campaigns, products, services, … anything that businesses want. 


The brands applied Playable Ads around the world

1. Peter Rapid Playable Ads Campaign from Sony Pictures:

Regarding the application of Playable Ads in promoting products, we can see the great success of Peter Rapid of Sony Pictures. By combining the simple and familiar Fruit Slashing Game and the characters in the movie, Sony sold a huge ticket. Furthermore, there are more than half of the people who played the game replayed it over and over.



2. #IyaBoleh campaign from Dancow:

The campaign #IyaBoleh (Yes, it is ok!) of a famous milk formula company in Indonesia - Dancow is also one of the successful campaigns in using Playable Ads. This brand focused on moms who are living in the technology era. And with some simple actions such as touch, swipe and title the screen, mom can remove dust and germs and win the game. After each turn, the video will say "Iya Boleh", meaning "Yes, it is okay" - a signal that the player has eliminated all the factors affecting the child's immune system. The campaign of Dancow achieved 74% engagement rates -  an excellent result of combining online activities with Playable Ads.



3. Momo Lac Xi:

Lunar New Year 2021, MoMo created Playable Ads in Gamification format on Facebook platform to increase the number of users, the rate, and the time of using the application,... Depending on the in-app games, MoMo Lac Xi Playable Ads is a world in miniature where people can play The Hexagrams & Pairing 8 couples of The Ball in 60 seconds. A chance to get the gifts worth VND 300,000,000 will be presented to people who can finish the game. And after just a week of launch, MoMo Lac Xi 2021 Playable Ads have attracted more than 3 million participants.



Playable Ads - Simple, Interesting, Effective:

Currently, in the world, applying Playable Ads has become a marketing strategy widely used by many famous brands and businesses in the world. According to Space Ape Game - a popular mobile game studio in London, this kind of promotion has helped them halve the cost per install double install click-through rate and the lifetime value of a Game.



Marvy Co. - The leading enterprise providing AR /VR products in Vietnam

Today, in Vietnam, applying Playable Ads in Marketing is more and more popular. Moreover, Vietnamese youngsters can reach it every day when many big brands around the world are utilizing this kind of Digital Advertising. Being one of the leaders of AR /VR Production in Vietnam, Marvy Co. is proud of bringing high-quality AR /VR products to many brands and ensure the quality of the products from the interface to the user experience.

Keeping up with new digital marketing trends of the world and becoming one of the leading companies in promotion with Playable Ads in Vietnam today!

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