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AR Filter new marketing platform for the cosmetics industry

Learn about AR filters used in cosmetic advertising.

1. How is AR Filter changing marketing for the cosmetics industry? 

In Vietnam market, the influence of Beauty Bloggers is huge, their reviews affect sales. Besides, the risk of using KOLs communication is sometimes not conveying exactly the information that the brand wants to provide or wants its target customers to pay attention to.

To aid in traditional brand promotion or use of KOLs, applying AR technology to advertising is a modern solution that cannot be ignored by cosmetic brands.

AR filter Redefining the Influencers Culture: making users become their own "beauty blogger"

Perhaps one of the most unique parts of marketing with AR Filter is the fact that it's not limited to a certain group of people. Because makeup is intuitive, and most consumers want to see what they look like before making a purchase. Consequently, consumers are more likely to purchase products immediately after experiencing online, where they can see themselves with products on it. In fact, Shopify has found that viewing 3D products in AR increases conversion rates by up to 250 percent.


Goodbye, blue eyes: why an Instagram filter had to be altered | Technology | The Guardian

(Picture: The Guardian)


AR filter technology brings many benefits to cosmetic brands

Your brand can have up to several hundred products classified in dozens of different cosmetic lines. There are products that customers have never even heard of. This is a problem that AR filters can solve. When placing an AR filter on Facebook or Instagram, it can act as an online showroom beyond local reach to reach international buyers.

Besides, since AR Filters can be used by anyone, creators no longer have to feel the need to try to be a particular type of influencer. They can create unique content that their followers can share, and those followers can use filters in their own particular ways. This is an important step in digital marketing. Whether a user has sixty followers or six million people, AR filters will be used differently and shared by different social networks.


How cosmetic brands use virtual makeovers to sell real makeup - CNN Video


2. AR Filter Expand the reach of online sales for the cosmetics industry

One reason AR technology is used in fashion and beauty is COVID 19, when shoppers are more dependent on online shopping. For example, beauty retailer Sephora uses AR technology to assist consumers in purchasing makeup and skin care products.

Online shopping has become extremely important for consumers and brands. For cosmetic and beauty brands, just having a good website and social presence is not enough. Pushing boundaries with augmented reality is an important part of a modernized online shopping experience.

Proactively reaching out to customers easily because besides the website, AR filter can also be developed on social networking platforms Facebook / Instagram

AR filters seen on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are important digital marketing tools. By putting brand logos on filters, brands can exploit the free advertising space. Users share the brand's AR Filter and their followers use the same filter to share their own version with another network, which helps to increase brand awareness.


12 Eyelashes pack + basic makeup template filter for Spark Ar & Instagram - YouTube


3. Apply AR filter Instagram and Facebook to Marketing from major cosmetic brands

  1. Dior AR Make Up


Inside social media apps, brands are recreating product experiences. For example, Dior Makeup launched an Instagram AR filter that included an artistically designed fireworks covering the user's face. The idea is to showcase their 2020 debut makeup product and by creating a unique filter, users can comfortably advertise Dior's makeup debut. Likewise, beauty brands like Lancome and Kora Organics have turned to Snapchat to create filters that users can use to try on makeup or to boost their look.

The new consumer journey begins with an influencer using a branded AR filter on social media: Dior's makeup AR filter for example. Consumers view Dior's branded filter and share the filter with their own network, thereby becoming brand advocates. Consumers view their online circulation filters, visit Dior's website and try on virtual makeup through AR. After seeing it on influencers, colleagues and themselves, consumers order makeup Dior online.


  1. AR Filter Laneige Malaysia


AR filter Laneige Malaysia


When launching this innovative AR Filter, Siddharth Satyanath, senior strategist at AliveNow, added, “We're excited to work with brands to help them leverage the Facebook AR platform for new apps and creation. We love building this Facebook AR experience for Laneige so fans can try out the Sparke My Way lineup from their smartphones. We're excited about the creative possibilities with AR camera effects, and as an innovative tech company we think there are plenty of opportunities with AR camera effects on Facebook. "

This Facebook AR Filter went live in early August and has obtained very good numbers. Thousands of users have tried the filter and have virtually experienced the new product on their mobile phones.

Kingdom Digital adds, “60% of millennials are likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. As a result, we are constantly exploring Laneige's different forms of social implementation to help them engage and interact with our customers. Working closely with AliveNow, we conceptualized and developed this custom Facebook AR filter for Laneige. We hope Laneige fans will have as much fun with it as we have created it. ”- (According to


Conclusions :

As augmented reality becomes more accessible to companies, it will change the way consumers shop. Fashion and beauty have already started to see results from this, and research shows that the retail sector as a whole has spent $ 1.5 billion on AR technology by 2020.

COVID-19 has been promoting virtual shopping and retailers are creating a modern shopping experience through equal parts testing and partnerships between social media and consumers. use.

Creativity and freedom are something fashion and beauty brands can learn to use in their own advertising and online stores. The limitation of one creator means that creativity and diversity is affected. By using AR Filter, all users are part of the brand.


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