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AR Invitation - Hi-tech Essential Product For A Classy Event

AR invitation cards are a very hot product that any business or event organizer should learn and apply to create a special experience for their customers and guests..

In the 4.0 era, technology is booming, and in recent years, the use of technology in events and business activities has also become more necessary than ever. While sending invitations via email or social networks is still widely used, AR invitation cards are becoming an advanced technology solution, becoming a more preferred choice for special events such as events. business,...

AR invitation cards are a very hot product that any business or event organizer should learn and apply to create a special experience for their customers and guests.

In the following article, let's answer questions related to this new technology with Marvy!


What is AR Invitation


AR (Augmented Reality Invitation) invitation card is a novel, unique and modern form of invitation card that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to create a great experience for viewers. AR invitations can integrate multiple 2D/3D images, sound, or a video created in a real-world environment, to showcase an event or showcase a product or a service.

AR Invitation allows recipients to experience one-of-a-kind immersive images with just a card or a mobile device screen.


What technology does AR invitation cards use?


AR cards, which can be classified 2 differently and will use two completely different technologies,  depending on the intended use and the form of the design.

  • AR Card: For this type of card, a hard card is required to activate the effect. AR Card is the application of AR Image Tracking technology, by integrating a QR code and programming AR animation on a specific image, users can experience vivid acting with virtual images through the phone camera.


  • AR Card-less: As a card that does not require a hard card, this card applies AR World Tracking technology. This is a form of recreating the user's surroundings with eye-catching 2D/3D graphics, giving the user an extremely vivid experience. This type of card will develop virtual content and display it in the real environment as an overlay for users to freely experience and explore AR content anywhere and on mobile devices.

With all these special features, businesses can create a video or 3D image with the theme, concept, or message that the business wants to express and integrate into the card.


How are AR invitations used?


  • Step 1: Scan the QR code: Normally, the invitation card will have a QR code integrated to lead the user to the AR platform. This platform can be webAR, or social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, ...
  • Step 2: Scan the invitation card: After opening the camera, the recipient will point the phone towards the animated background image (target image)
  • Step 3: Present content in the AR environment: After scanning, AR content will be displayed on the device screen, including 3D objects, audio, or video.
  • Step 4: AR Experience: Recipients can rotate, move, and interact with the AR content to experience the event or product in an immersive and intuitive way.


In which events are AR invitations applied?


Obviously, AR invitation cards can be widely used in many different events such as:

  • Promotional events: Promotional events are a way to promote a business' products or services to potential customers. When using AR Card, businesses can simultaneously integrate images of their products or services.
  • Parties and celebrations: Events to honor employees, partners, customers or to celebrate significant achievements of the business. We can integrate the special representative face of the ceremony (Director, CEO, ...) to enhance the special value of the company more.
  • Corporate events: Show your party level and make an impression on guests in corporate events such as fairs, promotional events or product launch events,...
  • Entertainment events: Concerts, music fairs or sporting events organized by the business itself. AR integration can create a variety of impressive, creative content that fully embodies the value of that event.


Why should businesses use AR technology?


There are many reasons why businesses need to use AR invitations, but the most prominent are the following 4 main reasons:

  • Make an impression: Creating a memorable experience helps guests keep the memory of the event longer.
  • Increase engagement: Guests are able to interact with content themselves through AR features, thereby capturing their attention.
  • Increase credibility and reputation: Using AR invitation cards can help businesses increase prestige and reputation because it shows that businesses want new and advanced technologies to organize events.
  • Create a ripple effect: When customers feel interested and impressed with their experience, they can share their experience on social networks or with friends.


Some typical AR Card projects of Marvy


  • AR IVB Card Phu My Hung : With a jubilant opening concept with unicorns, confetti, and pictures of the new branch... For a bank, exchanging business cards is an indispensable form, because Therefore, when implementing AR on IVB's business cards, all IVB's partners and customers can experience this kind of experience.
  • New Year AR postcard of FPT: In order to show gratitude to its customers and partners during the Tet holiday, FPT technology group attached an AR card to its gift box. Different from other gift opening times, this time customers will experience the thanks, messages and special effects that FPT wants to convey right on the invitation itself.
  •  AR postcard of rapper Táo: The model was created by the 3D designers of Marvy Co. designed, then programmed on the WebAR platform, ensuring the most realistic and vivid image quality but still optimal performance. Each image used in addition to the desire to convey the artist's message also has the purpose of attracting attention and evoking a sense of curiosity in the audience.




Marvy is proud to be one of the first companies to develop AR and VR technology in Vietnam. We focus on building AR and VR products to give businesses and individuals the opportunity to experience this unique technology.

With a team of experienced and talented staff, Marvy is committed to providing customers with the best AR and VR products with the best quality and the most reasonable prices. Contact us to know more. details about the AR and VR products you're looking to learn. Marvy is here to support you from start to finish in developing your AR and VR products.

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