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How Solite Applied AR Image Tracking For AR Filter Game

By integrating the AR filter game into the QR code in the cards with images of Minion characters packaged in new Solite products, Solite has successfully promoted international cooperation and co-operation. Drive sales strategically and intelligently..

AR Image tracking technology


As the name suggests, AR image tracking gives users access to view virtual content by tracking an image, it works best on flat 2D photos. The application of AR image tracking not only allows users to record videos, and take photos but also play interactive games. 

Solite built an AR game called “Rescue the tender kingdom” with AR image tracking. This campaign is a collaboration with Universal to promote the movie Minions, hence they designed cute game characters to bear the small resemblance to the Minions. 

Users can access the AR game by scanning the QR code printed on the cards that come with the products. Solite has strategically driven the urge to buy the products and successfully promoted the campaign with a great buzz.


AR filter on Facebook platform


AR effects on the Facebook platform, also known as Facebook filters, are developed by Spark AR - a tool of Meta corporation, Facebook.

There are two main factors that lead Solite to choose Facebook as the deployment platform:

  • Facebook is easily the most common social network in Vietnam
  • Players can simultaneously use both front and rear cameras

After accessing the AR game, users will use the rear camera to track the image on Solite's packaging and activate the AR game. As the game ends, users can switch the camera to the front camera to take pictures with the AR filter. 


Gamification element incorporating AR . technology


Nowadays, the idea of combining gaming and augmented reality is a common strategy in marketing. So it’s nothing strange that Solite dipped their toe

However, Solite did not agree to deploy the popular AR games. Responding to Solite's desire to enhance user experience, Marvy Co. decided to use attractive 3D images. This decision brought many difficulties and challenges, but Marvy's programming team tried to perfect the product and successfully developed an AR filter game that uses 3D images with attractive, smooth, and attractive animation, leading customers of all ages.


How did Solite implement AR filter game?


Game scene design


Set in the cake castle with the main flavor are four delicious cake flavors in the new Solite cake line: Strawberry, Avocado, Pineapple Leaf, Chocolate. Each castle is a separate design with different colors and shapes. Besides, it is indispensable for decorative items to highlight the flavor of the cake that the player has chosen.


With the castle has a sweet strawberry flavor, the color chosen to decorate is the familiar pink. Besides, it is indispensable for the giant berries to be used as the main buildings of the castle.



The butter castle with its characteristic yellow color and cute twist is inspired by delicious, fatty slices of butter. Besides, the castle is also decorated with beautiful small windows. In addition to the attractive butter details, the castle is also decorated with a soft sponge cake.

The third castle is the strong flavor of pandan leaves. The green color of pandan leaves is fully conveyed with the propeller-shaped pandan leaves, adorning the castle even more beautiful and eye-catching. The details of the tower are designed as lovely, soft, creamy Solite cakes with two colors of green and yellow, representing the pineapple cream and delicious sponge cake.


The fourth castle is none other than the super delicious chocolate flavor with an unmistakable brown color. Inspired by the famous leaning tower of Pisa, milk chocolate bars placed in 3 central positions with an extremely fancy 30-degree angle are the main parts of the tower.



Character Design

Four characters in four game settings are designed based on the taste of cake, similar to the idea of ​​four castles. The special feature of the game, it is that the game has absolutely no "bad" characters, but it is the "monster" babies that are hungry and extremely irritable babies.

Marvy has created two main designs for each character, that is when the babies are hungry and the "monsters" run around the castle. And the images of babies have been "full" and returned to their lovely original shape.

The angry strawberry character is designed with crimson color and a scowling, annoyed face, contrasting with the cute look after having eaten delicious Solite cake.

The character of yellow butter with an angry face, the details of the character are designed as "thorny" with a dark brown color in contrast to yellow butter after eating, very cute and sociable.

The panda character is very ferocious with a cold face and fangs. The outer coat is designed with a sharp image and dark blue color. After eating the cake and getting drunk, the panda leaf character has become a cute character with white fluffy fur, two sharp horns that have turned into two lovely ears and a smiling, happy face.

Finally, the chocolate character, completely designed with a dull gray color when angry, is inspired by frozen chocolates. But after enjoying the attractive solite cakes, the chocolate character has become lovely and cheerful.



First, the player needs to aim the "monster" with the (+) icon, then touch the Solite cake so that the Solite cake shoots at the "monster" and helps the "monsters" eat the cake and become lovely. The goal to win the game is that the player needs to shoot more than 10 characters within 60 seconds.

  • Move the phone and aim to shoot the monster with the target (+)
  • Tap the Solite cake icon to shoot
  • Defeat at least 10 monsters in 60 seconds to win
  • Special attack: just touch and hold the Solite cake icon for 2 seconds, and all monsters will "stop" making it easier for players to shoot down, adding a plus point to the cuteness of the game.
  • If you win, users will have the opportunity to experience selfies with funny filters.





  • Access game easily:

Users only need to find the available cards in each Solite box, open the mobile device's camera app, scan the QR code "For Baby" on the card and see the instructions displayed on the phone. Users can immediately join the game.

  • Simple gameplay, suitable for customers of all ages:

This is a game that only plays 1 round, so there are not many different levels. Users only need to tame many monsters, take selfies with funny filters and send them to the Solite Vietnam fan page and have the opportunity to own exclusive and lovely Minions water bottles.



  • Prioritize the familiar vertical interface.
  • Game details of each flavor are designed according to the dominant color of that flavor, creating unity in the design.


AR Filter


AR face tracking


As the name suggests, AR face tracking is a form of AR that allows users to experience augmented reality details, effects, and animations right on the player's face. In the AR filter of “Rescuing the tender kingdom”, players can experience four lovely items in four flavors of cake, similar to the ar image tracking game.


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