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Top Artists use AR Filter in Vietnam

This year 2020, AR technology has been extremely developed in the Vietnamese market..

Let's explore the Vietnamese artists who have released the most impressive and most used AR filters in 2020


In this 2020, AR technology has been extremely developed in the Vietnamese market, the trend of using Facebook and Instagram filters is increasingly popular and constantly innovating. Not only that, using AR filters in marketing and on / offline activities of the artist has also become much more exciting. Let's find out the Vietnamese artists who have released the most impressive and used filters of the year.


1. Suboi Instagram Filter

As one of the first artists to use AR filters, Queen of Rap recently released an impressive instagram filter for fans of the Rap Viet show. Filter with the background is Suboi's iconic logo, surrounded by an electric wave effect like the lines displayed when composing music. Especially with the function of face detection and transformed into a titanium mask. #TeamSuboi try out the filter here




2. Soobin Hoang Son with 3 filters The game - Anh La Ke An May - Blackjack

It can be said that Soobin is an artist who works very actively and hard, recently, when he released the filter "The game", Soobin received a lot of positive comments and interactions from fans.

Most especially, Jiyeon T-ara's attention made the online community stir up. Jiyeon took a selfie with the male singer's filter and shared it on his personal page.

Try out the filter of Soobin Hoang Son here


Jiyeon and Soobin selfie with the game filter


Soobin in the Blackjack filter


3. Binz - Filter Bigcityboi

Bear played when launching an Instagram filter exclusively for fans of the song Bigcityboi, extremely shimmering in Binz's iconic pink neon tone. Giving Binz a huge amount of interaction with more than 40,000 filter users, it shows that fans are extremely fond of this idea from Binz. Click on the link to use the filter.


Binz danced with the Bigcityboi filter


4. BRay - the Jaguar Filter

Following the current trend of creating filters, BRay is no less competitive when it produces   the Jaguar filters, with Boi My Con music. Filter has the personality and style of BRay, strong and bloody war like a jaguar. Filter released on December 30th.

Try a filter at Facebook or Instagram now


Fan recorded video with BRay's the Jaguar filter


5. Rhymastic Instagram filter the Theme of Wealth

Surely fans of Rhymastic will be surprised with this cool filter of the male rapper with the effect ... As a special blessing to the fans of the cult rapper. Rhymastic is also one of the rappers who love technology, there is no doubt about the ability to transform in the artistic style of Rhymastic. Experience the filter here

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