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AR GAME “Lucky Wheel” - Enjoy The Moment With Strongbow

Strongbow has launched an interesting AR Game that people can play on smartphones and get presents.

Today, people can spin Lucky Wheel on their own phones thanks to AR Tech. And Strongbow, the famous cider brand, applied this tech on their new campaign.


Scope of Work

  • - Game Development
  • - WebAR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

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AR Image Tracking



The AR Game “Lucky Wheel” is inspired by a traditional game called Lucky Wheel combined with AR Image Tracking and Web Game Technology. In addition, Marvy and Strongbow integrated the image of Strongbow packaging to help people play the game and receive the prizes without installing any applications.


Yellow, Strongbow’s brand color, was chosen to be the theme color for the whole design of the game. Moreover, Yellow is also the color that can give a happy, fresh feeling and definitely suitable for the Game’s theme as well as the young customers’ tastes.




Because the game was made with cider products, it can be seen that the target audience is the youngest adults. Thus, Marvy put a lot of effort into the UX and UI design from the smallest details to ensure the perfection from images, colors to completion speed and transparency in the participation process. 


UI Design:

  • Creating the fascinating 3D designs by adapting Strongbow’s brand identity. 
  • Combined with the real image of Strongbow cider cans to increase the brand engagement.
  • Focusing on the visual and reducing the texts.


UX Design:

  • The game can be played directly by accessing Strongbow’s website, no need to install any applications.
  • After that, players only need to scan the Strongbow can and access the game.
  • To spin the wheel, players provide phone numbers.
  • The prizes pop up on the screen when it finishes the wheel to ensure the transparency of the game.
  • In case players do not win any prizes, to get more turns, players can scan another Strongbow can.




By combining the topic “Lucky” with Strongbow Gold Apple, Marvy created the highly interesting branded elements and images. The Wheel was designed simply and easy-to-play. Players only need to provide phone numbers, the Wheel will auto spin and the prize will display on the screen immediately. Likewise, the game will give another chance to play to the players after the players scan another Strongbow can, in case the last turn fails.



Step 1: Access the link or scan the QR

Step 2: Scan Strongbow cider cans to start the game

Step 3: Provide the phone number to spin the wheel and to get the prize.

Step 4: The Lucky Wheel starts to spin

Step 5: Provide OTP to confirm


Replay the game by doing the same steps in case the last turn fails

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