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AR Game: Mouse Wedding

AR Game project with Folklore theme

For this project, Marvy Team chose the folklore art through the paintings of Dong Ho to be the main theme. With the main purpose to embrace Vietnamese culture from the past until now.


Scope of Work

  • - Creative Strategy Direction
  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development
  • - Game Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Marvy Co. is aspired to bring AR (Augmented Reality) closer to the Vietnamese community, AR technology not only brings excitement and attraction, but also brings practical benefits to the user experience. 

AR format the Folklore theme

AR technology gives the game world a whole new element, increasing player interaction, making the game more interesting and exciting.

Marvy recommends an AR game format that uses a face-tracking mechanism with simple form and rules, featuring continuous replay, encouraging players to experience multiple times.

- Users can experience this AR game directly on Facebook.


Idea & Concept

The team deployed ideas  by the impression with the work of Dong Ho "Wedding Mouse", a humorous but satirical anthropomorphic picture in feudal times.

Even though the picture has no captions, anyone can get a clear message from it. At the rat's wedding, the rats have to offer the birds and fish tributes to the cats. Cats represent the dominant and exploitative class in ancient society. The mices are a metaphor for an honest, low class.

Team Marvy chose Wedding Mouse as the concept of the Game because we wanted to turn these profound meanings and beautiful images into a distinctive feature for the Game, yet is still exciting thanks to the animal form. And above all,this game will bear bold Vietnamese traditions from the past.


2D Graphic design  

The game always requires the design team to produce attractive interfaces and images. After receiving the idea board, the design team of Marvy Co., with the understanding of UX UI, focused on creating 2D graphics that were both suitable for the spirit of AR Game and satisfying the players.

In addition to bringing AR Game to life, Marvy adds funky and fantastic sound effects.

AR Development

- With SparkAR, Marvy Co's development team understands how to optimize the quality for each product, whether 2D or 3D, to ensure that when integrated, AR products will be created to meet the requirements of tastes, functions and user experience.

- With AR Game, the developing team will use the code to actualize the game and ensure to produce the most comprehensive product. Accordingly, it is the understanding of balance in the Game, to always keep the interestingness for players.

- The way to play AR Game Mouse Wedding is inspired by the legendary Snake Game. The gameplay is easy to grasp, but still exciting and creates a sense of excitement for players.

- Game rules: At the beginning of the AR Game, the type and amount of tribute that the cat wants, the player uses the movement of his face (face tracking) to control the mouse to get the tribute. If the player collects the excess, lacks, mistakenly takes more than 3 fish bones, or controls the mouse to hit the wall, the player will lose.

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