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AR Game “New Antibacterial Downy Shield” From Downy

Downy, a brand of fabric softener, has just launched an AR Game "Lá Chắn Downy Chống Khuẩn Mới” (New Antibacterial Downy Shield) on Facebook and received positive feedback from users.

Transforming into a "warrior mom" with a shield "Lá Chắn Downy Chống Khuẩn Mới" to repel millions of bacteria with the innovative and interesting AR Face Tracking technology.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

ar photo

AR Face Filter

2D Programming

Adapting designs from Downy, Marvy programmed 2D graphics for each part. The "Lá Chắn Downy Chống Khuẩn Mới" with blue border combines delicate white light effect. The image of the human body is also programmed to perform running, and the bag was also programmed to swing. The virus was also programmed to fly in the air, "attacking" the player.


AR Filter Game

Using SparkAR software, the programming team of Marvy understands how to optimize the quality of each product whether 2D or 3D, ensuring that when integrated, it will create an AR product that meets the requirements of UX/UI as well as the functions.

Users can play on Facebook.



The player uses face (Face tracking) to control the woman character.

In 15 seconds, the player must repel the bacteria as much as possible, and collect the New Downy 99% Antibacterial Flush packs - to skyrocket their power and knock out all the bacteria on the screen and accumulate more points corresponding.

At the end of the game, there will be a summary scoreboard. Remember to save the result and comment on the mini-game post of Downy’s Facebook fan page.

Retake the challenge until you get the best result.

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