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AR Game Zodiac Dancer

An AR (Augmented Reality) product with music fusion, Marvy Co. always wants to bring AR experiences in a personalized way for users, for example the audience can interact with AR on the music of their choice according to their own music taste.


Scope of Work

  • - Creative Strategy Direction
  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Space - AR World

Idea & Concept

Focus on personalizing the user's AR experience, and providing players with AR products that are relaxing with music, Marvy Co. 's design team chose the concept of 12 Zodiacs for 12 characters.

The music and MV will be chosen by the player, the player will also choose dance moves for the character with 15 different trendy dances: Afoxe Samba Reggae, Really Twirl, Boogaloo, Fast Samba Enredo, Gangnam Style, …



Design 3D model & 2D graphic

- The game always requires the design stage to produce attractive interfaces and images. After receiving the concept board, the team focused on creating 3D models with 3D graphics software and 2D graphics in accordance with the spirit of AR Game, both beautiful and satisfying the player’s tastes.

- In order for the 3D characters to dance, the design team firstly went to the net  sketching the characters in 3D. Next is to create character movements, the team will rig out the joints of the 3D model, then animate into a smooth motion sequence for the characters.

- 12 characters with the characteristics of the 12 zodiac signs, designed in detail of the color, clothing style, the bow symbol on the outfit, hairstyle, and the typical details of the 12 signs such as fish scales on Pisces outfit, horns on Taurus head, Cancer's crankshaft hairstyle.


AR Development

- With Unity and ARCore, the development team of Marvy Co. understood the way to optimize the quality for each product, whether 2D or 3D, to ensure that when integrated, AR products will be created to meet the requirements of tastes, functions and user experience.

- With AR Game, the development team will use the code to actualize the game and ensure to produce the most comprehensive product. Accordingly, it is the understanding of balance in the Game, to always keep the interestingness for players.

- Accordingly, the game is programmed for inserting any song MV will play music and display the MV as AR, while the characters will dance to the music with different dance moves.

- How to play Zodiac Dancers:

+ The player chooses his/her zodiac character.

+ Add the Youtube link of the MV of the favorite song the player wants his character to dance on the music background.

+ Place the character on any plane around the player and choose the dance for the character.

- Zodiac Dancers can be played on Mobile App of Android.

Marvy Co. is confident in providing a diverse and stand out AR Ecosystem, with a highly specialized and innovative technical team. In addition to AR / VR, Marvy Co. also programming platforms using AR and providing a package of optimal technology solutions, flexibly applying to all brand marketing strategies, such as Website and Mobile App.

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Marvy Co. is confident in providing a diverse and unique AR/ VR/ Game Ecosystem, by a team with great credibility, skills and experience. We consult and establish optimized AR/ VR/ Game/ Playable Ads solutions that flexibly applied to all brand Marketing strategies.

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