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  • Chivas Regal x Dsquare

Chivas Regal AR Filter Facebook

“What makes you 100% extraordinary?”


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter


Idea & Concept

“What makes you 100% extraordinary?”

Chivas Extra believes that in this world, you are a unique version. Because your personality is shaped from the mix of different pieces, and that makes you 100% extraordinary. Marvy Co has created a filter with extremely interesting content.


AR Filter

- AR Filter is the most popular, familiar and widely available form of AR on social networks. AR Filters are effects that use computer-generated image simulation technology to overlay real images displayed through the camera.

- Through this filter, Chivas Regal affirms the youthfulness of the brand when applying technology to Marketing and impressing target groups of customers.

Different puzzle pieces, and that makes you 100% extraordinary. Marvy Co has created a filter with extremely interesting content.


Visual Design & Motion Graphic

Designing shadow effects on both sides and 4 lines of text popup random, creating surprises for users when experiencing the content. There is also a facial retouch effect to make the user even more beautiful.

AR Development

The programming team of Marvy Co., understands how to optimize the quality for each product, whether 2D or 3D, when using AR Filter Facebook. In this project, it is important to ensure that the integration will create AR products that meet the requirements of taste, performance and user experience.

Users can experience Filter directly on the Facebook app with extremely simple usage. Just click on the screen and pose, and at the same time you can record movies, take pictures to capture the moment.


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Marvy Co. is confident in providing a diverse and unique AR/ VR/ Game Ecosystem, by a team with great credibility, skills and experience. We consult and establish optimized AR/ VR/ Game/ Playable Ads solutions that flexibly applied to all brand Marketing strategies.

Beside AR/VR, outsourcing and designing Games (Mini Game, Large-scale Game...) is our expertise.

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