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Find Nutrient Bubbles with Dutch Lady AR Filter

Recently, Dutch Lady launched a marketing campaign incorporating AR 360 technology, allowing users to collect nutrients in Dutch Lady product.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development

 Idea & Concept

With the aim of enhancing the awareness of breastfeeding mothers in providing nutritional supplements for young children through fresh milk, Dutch Lady implemented the AR Filter "Real Milk Challenge" on Facebook in the past August.


In this collaboration, Marvy supported Dutch Lady in implementing AR 360 technology featuring nutrient-rich bubbles symbolizing the beneficial nutrients present in Dutch Lady's milk products. Additionally, harmful candy bubbles were introduced in the filter, and players would instantly lose if they collected these bubbles. The game provided an unprecedented and enjoyable experience for players as they had to collect the right nutrient bubbles and avoid harmful candy bubbles to win the game.

UI/UX Design

Marvy ensures accuracy and consistency in content, while also guaranteeing the visual appeal of the images.

UI Design

  • Prioritizing a user-friendly vertical interface for smartphone users.
  • The interface images are meticulously designed with Dutch Lady's predominant colors of White and Blue.
  • Focusing on developing images and conveying value messages to make it easy for users to navigate and experience AR.
  • Integrating lively sound effects, synchronized with each filter movement, to encourage players to interact more with the filter.

UX Design 

  • Users access the AR filter link to open the Facebook camera.
  • The screen displays a themed background and provides instructions on how to play the filter.
  • Users move their phones around to collect nutrient-rich bubbles while avoiding harmful candy bubbles.
  • If players collect enough nutrient bubbles within the specified time, they win. If they fail to collect enough or accidentally touch harmful candy bubbles, they lose.


AR Development

  • Utilizing AR 360 technology on Facebook, AR technology recognizes the surrounding world, allowing users to see and interact with virtual content.
    The feature randomly positions AR nutrient bubbles, adjusting their size to cater to customer preferences.
  • Balancing the timing and quantity of appearances for nutrient bubbles and harmful candy bubbles to meet platform standards.
  • Programming optimal quality for each 2D image to ensure that customers' AR experiences meet requirements for image, color, and space.


In the Dutch Lady Real Milk Challenge campaign of 2023, AR 360 stands out as a highlight among the campaign activities. This modern technology has been creatively applied to establish a profound connection between the Dutch Lady brand and users. Additionally, it has enhanced the awareness of breastfeeding mothers regarding the nutrients present in a box of Dutch Lady.

The AR filter is not only a mere advertising tool but also a showcase of creativity and a demonstration of a brand's technological prowess. Contact Marvy Co. today for advice on technologies that align with your company's brand.

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