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  • Freefire x Sơn Tùng MPT


Son Tung MTP's first AR Filter combined with Freefire

The AR filter is part of the Free Fire Game Skyler promotion project in which Son Tung MTP was chosen as the game's iconic character. Free Fire has affirmed its name when using filters to attract fans to online minigame activities during the launch of this game.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

ar photo

AR Space - AR World

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AR Face Filter


Idea & Concept

Being part of the chain of 2021's biggest Game projects of Free Fire and marking a new development point from Son Tung MTP in the world of mobile games. The Skyler Facebook filter is inspired by the character Skyler shaped like Son Tung-MTP, Free Fire dedicated to each Game fan and Son Tung-MTP fan something special has never been before.


AR Filter Option

AR Filter is the most popular, familiar and widely available form of AR on social networks. AR Filters are effects that use computer-generated image simulation technology to overlay real images displayed through the camera.

Through this AR filter, Marvy Co and Free Fire bring Skyler characters closer to the player, you can completely see - take pictures - film or create content with your idol easily.

AR filter Skyler is developed on both social networks Facebook and Instagram. Click on the link to experience the filter.




Visual Design & Motion Graphic

Team Design Marvy Co. Graphics Model 3D Low Polygon on AR environment. Graphics of special details appear along lines of music, musical notes consistent with Son Tung's image.

Use VFX to emphasize the light that appears around the model, visible while playing, and moving underfoot.

Having 3 Background color switching modes enrich the user experience and the need for photo / video content creation

Sound Effect

Integrated music produced by Son Tung specifically for filter will always appear during the special user experience, you will still be able to download videos with music to your phone if you do not want to share them on social networks.

AR Development

With experience in developing AR products with Unity, ARcore, ARkit, Maya, 3Dsmax, WebAR, ... Marvy Co.'s Development Team team. understand how to optimize quality for any product, whether 2D or 3D, and fulfill the requirements of Freefire. In this project, it is important to ensure that the integration will create AR products that meet the requirements of taste, performance and user experience.

Through plane detection (AR Space), users open the Filter with the camera regardless of the front or rear camera, they can see Skyler character moving to the music with the guitar in hand.


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